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Holding It All Together-A Good Word For The New Year

By Amy McCollom
One word. Just a simple word meant just for you. It is not difficult. It is just enough to change you. And don’t we all need to be changed just a little bit? Indeed we do.

It is time to choose a new Word Of The Year to live by. Have you thought about it yet, or prayed about it? During the final few weeks of December, my word came to me. John helped me confirm it. I want to learn from my mistakes and do better in 2022. Yes, even though I’m going to be 57 next week, I am still making mistakes and I still need to learn how to live my life better. I guess the word humble is already built-in.

My word is Better. I want to be better at stuff. I want to be a better wife, a better mom, a better worshiper, a better drummer, a better writer, a better cook, a better driver, a better friend, and a better pet-owner. I want to be better at reading the Bible, praying everyday, putting my shoes away, cleaning cobwebs on the stairwell, and following up on chores I have delegated to others.

I want to be better at listening and really hearing and feeling their stories, and looking people in the eyes when they are talking to me. I want to be better at reaching out to people I might have neglected because I was afraid of getting my time stolen. I want to be better at sensing a need in others and quicker to react. I want to be and do better.

I want to feel better by eating better and putting activity back in my daily life. I want to move better. I want to spend more time outside and less time in doctor’s offices. I want to look better too.

I plan to make better choices about the conversations I get involved in and what I let myself hear. I will be better at guarding my mind and heart, daily putting on the whole armor of God.

I will be better at Being Better by remembering that I only have to be better for one day, as days only come one at a time. This will not overwhelm me or feel unattainable. 

I am confident that I can be better. What will your word of the year be? Here are a few ideas:

Alive, aligned, awesome, balanced, bold, brave bright, beautiful, calm, caring, clear, committed, daring, direct, dedicated, dream, decrease, elevate, envision, faith, give, grow, heal, honest, imagine, immerse, learn, less, kind, mindful, possible, righteous, satisfied, surrender, truth, think, vision, wisdom, zeal? These are just some examples. 

It helps to pray first, read the Bible, and see if God will lead you to a word. If you keep seeing the same word in several passages, perhaps He’s trying to tell you something. You will get peace when you find the right word. Don’t worry about it, in fact, don’t even think about it as a task of finding a word. Just read and pray as you normally would, without pretense. Let me know how God shows you your word.

So as the old year passes away and the new year comes without apology, let us embrace it with a plan as individual and unique as each of us. A God-given word to direct your way in the coming year will help you stay focused and give you something to look forward to all year long. And it’s fun to see how that word shows itself over and over again throughout the year. 

That’s my good word for the year, well, that and the word better. Hopefully, my next column will be better than this one. That is the plan, at least. Have a happy New Year, and stay safe.

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