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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
How can one person continue to have as much influence over the content of all national news like Donald Trump still has today? President Trump has been out of office for nearly a year now but continues to capture as many headlines, or more, than the sitting President. I can say this because for whatever the reasons I listen too and watch all the news I can. The ironic thing about this is most of these media sources believe they are hurting the Trump movement. They are doing everything they can to destroy the Trump legacy; so they think. Now I’m not a smart man but, even I know that if I wanted to bury someone’s political future the one thing I wouldn’t do is talk about them regardless of the content. Have none of these billionaire owned conglomerate media companies wondered why President Trump hasn’t fired back at them publicly? My god he couldn’t wait to battle these guys through all the other media sources while he was the president. He loved the confrontations with the “Fake News”. But now Trump sits silent? Not a word? There’s two things going on here. First, the 2024 Trump campaign, yes I believe if the timing was now he would announce, is getting as much free publicity as they could ever hope for in an actual election cycle. Second, Donald Trump is a cunning business man. He’s watching MSNBC, CNN, and much of the giant print media in America losing tens of millions of dollars in revenue through plummeting audinance numbers of their products. Why, because Trump is out of the news!

Trump knows these media giants are trying to bait him to bite. You see they had no backup business plan on what they were going to do next when Trump was no longer president. I’m not sure even if they thought he would lose in 2020. Had they believed, wouldn’t they at least have hired competent reporters that could actually report the real news without interjecting biased editorial rhetoric? Instead some of these media giants have their most prominent reporters on the hot seat for alleged sex scandals. Whatever happened to the big shot Cuomo brothers? Now there’s a couple of great stories to tell! Or wait, maybe they assumed there would be so many great things happening under the Biden/Harris administration that all of their air time would be taxed to max to get all of these great things reported to the American people? Yeah, yeah, I’ll bet that’s exactly the case! Remember I told you I’m not a smart man so excuse me if I was a little slow catching on to their strategy. But I’m confused. Someone tell what channel to watch or radio station to tune into so I can see and learn about all of these great things the Biden administration has done or is doing.

What’s that you say? Inflation is out of control? Russia is continuing a military buildup on the border with Ukraine? China is crushing us economically and technologically? Taiwan fears China is preparing a takeover of their country and the rest of the world is sitting by and watching it happen? Crime in America has gone off the rails? Record numbers of immigrants continue to cross illegally into America and with them record amounts of sicknesses and illegal drugs? Biden shut down construction of the border wall leaving tens of millions of dollars of already paid for materials on the ground? He also stopped the already started construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline causing thousands of good paying jobs to end? The FBI opened files on parents speaking out with their concerns about their children’s education at school board meetings? President Biden has had a couple of publicly embarrassing odorific bowel incidents? Okay, that can happen I guess. My god it sounds to me like this administration has America in ruins! Not a single one of these things was an issue under the Trump administration! Tell me one positive thing President Biden has accomplished his first year in office?! What’s that you say? What do you mean he managed to put two complete sentences together back to back? Huh? He said, “Hunter didn’t do anything wrong.”? And he followed that up with, “Hunter didn’t pay me any of his free Russia and China money.”? Okay, if you say so.

Yes, yes, I’m poking fun at the same time reminding you that the Biden administration is a complete failure after just one year. The whole Democratic party is standing in a sinking ship and trying to decide who will get the limited number of lifeboats available before it goes down. West Virginia’s (D) Joe Manchin will not be getting a seat in one of those lifeboats either. Not to worry Mr. Manchin, helps on the way via the Republican Party. They’re sending a yacht to get you. Manchin may have single handedly stopped a point or two of the uptick inflation rate by stalling the proposed four trillion dollar Biden/Democrats reckless spending spree called the, “Build Back Better” plan. I hope that after the first of the year he doesn’t backstroke on Americans and vote with the rest of his fellow Democrats. I think he will cave to something but not anymore than about half of the money amount. Can you believe it? A glimmer of hope for the new year 2022. Will this be the first of some bipartisan work to move America and Americans forward to a better place?

Unfortunately I think the number one news piece for 2022 will be the Democrats along with help from Republicans from Illinois’, Adam Kinzinger and from Wyoming’s, Liz Cheney, assault on Donald Trump and several of his political associates for their involvement in the January 6 incident at The Capitol. Their only goal is to somehow get President Trump hung up on at least one alleged criminal aspect in the incident at The Capitol on January 6. The Democrats are desperate and afraid that Trump will run for President in 2024 and this is their way to make sure that doesn’t happen. Again, this not a smart man, me, thinks this is the wrong strategy. I’m thinking so if it’s not Trump it will probably be Florida’s Ron DeSantis right? I also think that DeSantis would probably tally more votes than Trump in 2024! Not only will DeSantis get all of the Trump voters but he will also get those independents that liked Trump policies but won’t vote for Trump because they don’t like his character. With DeSantis those independents will get both of what they want! And of course Trump will play some role in the next Republican administration even if it’s from the outside. No, this not so smart guy, me, thinks the Democrats should concentrate on a single candidate that sits close to the middle of the aisle and also, more importantly, has an alluring personality. Now who that Democrat person is, is certainly a mystery to me right now? Hillary?! OMG no! Harris?! OMG no! Sanders? Nope. Manchin? Possibly but he won’t. Obama (Michelle)? That possibility scares the hell out of me because this not so smart guy, me, thinks she might pull it off against Trump. Not DeSantis but Trump…maybe.

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