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Lake Land College accepting nominations for awards until February 1

Lake Land College is accepting nominations for the Distinguished Service Award, Pacesetter Award, Retiree Wall of Fame, Distinguished Alumnus Award, Alumnus Achievement Award and Distinguished Alumni Society.

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual whose exemplary service and contributions have benefited Lake Land College or its affiliated organizations. Current paid members of the faculty and staff and current members of the board of trustees are not eligible for this award.

Past Distinguished Service Award winners are Sheri Barnett (2021), Debbie Benefiel (2020), Kathleen Doehring (2019), Robert Luther (2018), Scott Lensink (2017), James Shaffer (2016), Robert Pancoast (2015), Max Jaeger (2014), Annette Lynch (2013), Gerald Forsythe (2012), John Livesay (2011), Rick Manuell (2010), Preston Smith (2009), Bob Willenborg (2008), Don Portugal (2007), Dwight Schilling (2006), Ann Bacon (2005), Susan Leach (2004), Anne Kabbes (2003), James Allee (2002), Roger Dettro (2001), Peter M. Bonutti (2000), Charles Adams (1999), Michael Yager (1998), James Bennett (1997), Tom Reedy (1996), R. Dale Adams (1995), Jack Schultz (1994), Consuello Luttrell (1993), George Mitchell (1992), Melvin Lockard (1991), Lowell Samuel (1990), Eugene Bauer (1989), William Podestá (1988), Jack Oberhill (1987), Floyd Curl (1985), Robert Johnson (1984), Virgil and Charlene Roberts (1983), Eddie Collings (1982) and William B. Hills (1981).

The Pacesetter Award is an Illinois Community College Trustees Association award that recognizes the accomplishments of Illinois’ more recent community college graduates. Nominees must have completed a recognized program of instruction (including dual credit courses) or attended at least 30 semester hours at an Illinois public community college.

The recipient of the Pacesetter Award will be presented with an appropriate plaque at the 2022 March Board of Trustees meeting.The past Pacesetter Award recipients are Megan McQueen (2021), Danelle Jackson (2020) and Amanda Tucker (2019).

The Retiree Wall of Fame Award goes to retired faculty and staff who have made significant contributions to the college and/or who have made contributions through their profession or community at the local, state, regional or national level that reflect positively on Lake Land College.

Recipients of the Wall of Fame status must have been employed at Lake Land for a minimum of 15 years and must have been separated from his or her SURS-eligible position for a minimum of five years.

The recipient of the Retiree Wall of Fame honor will have his or her plaque unveiled at the annual Employee and Retiree Recognition Celebration designed to reflect upon the past contributions of the honoree.

A candidate for consideration may be nominated by another person or may submit his or her credentials directly to the College Advancement Office.

Past Retiree Wall of Fame recipients are Dennis Gathmann (2008), Max Jaeger (2008), Joe Albin (2008), Marilyn Gover (2008), Charles Womack (2008), Gerald Parker (2008), Tom Reedy (2008), Bill Rich (2008), Helen Smith (2009), David Greeson (2009), Larry Gutzler (2009), Hal Kottwitz (2009), Joyce Shull (2009), Marianne Morgan (2010), Robert Orr (2010), Richard Heller (2010), Carol Sanders (2010), Jack Browning (2010), Joe Hanley (2011), William Little (2011), Mildred Flottmann (2011), Roberta Hollada (2011), Roberta Williams (2011), Charles Wieck (2012), Jalee Cox (2012), Wayne Weaver (2012), Robert Luther (2013), Marion Rohlinger (2013), James Luedke (2014), Robert Jurgens (2014), Carroll Gibbons (2014), Roy Culp (2015), Marilyn Fuqua Thompson (2015), Ron Sanderson (2016), Dave Stapleton (2016), Cletis Underwood (2016), Bill Hollada (2017), Jim Dudley (2017), Curt Rincker (2017), Kathleen Doehring (2018), Tom Kerkhoff (2018), Ben Ragle (2018), Larry Larvick (2019), Rick Gresens (2019), Linda Ruholl (2020), Sandra Gourley (2020), Wallace (Wally) Taylor (2020), Joyce Allen (2021), Ken Beno (2021) and Pam Crisman (2021).

The Lake Land College Board of Trustees presents the Alumnus Achievement Award annually to an individual who has attained outstanding success and distinction in his or her field of endeavor; has gained favorable statewide or national recognition; or has performed service, which has proven beneficial to society.

The recipient must hold a certificate and/or a degree from Lake Land College and be active in the endeavor in which he or she has achieved distinction.

The recipient of the Alumnus Achievement Award will be presented with an appropriate plaque at an awards ceremony. The recipient will also be nominated for the Distinguished Alumnus Award with ICCTA. The Distinguished Alumnus Award recognizes the many success stories of Illinois’ community college graduates. Nominees must have completed a recognized program of instruction or attended at least 30 semester hours at an ICCTA member college. Currently serving trustees and presidents are not eligible for nomination. Posthumous nominations are not eligible for submission.

Past Alumnus Achievement Award recipients are Richard West (1981), Eric Randall Heiple (1982), Tom Stoutenborough (1983), Carol S. Spannagel (1984), Michael Neal (1985), E. Dennis Charney (1986), K. John Livesay (1987), Gail Marie Darling (1988), Karolyn Kristene Koontz, M.D. (1989), Edward Ward (1990), Larry W. Wilson (1991), Thomas E. Cox (1992), Lieutenant Daniel E. Wise, United States Navy (1993), Patricia McNutt (1994), Gina L. Spinner (1995), Randal J. Miller (1996), James Winfield, D.M.D.(1997), Richard Smith (1998), Dianne Schultz (1999), Carolyn Kolling (2000), James Zimmer (2001), Harry Carter, M.D. (2002), Michael Searles (2003), Greg Grunloh (2004), Larry Lilly (2005), Commanding Officer Zack Taylor, United States Naval Reserves, Retired (2006), Scott, M. Frailey (2007), David Storm (2008), Thomas Wright (2009), Monte Reel (2010), Larry Blackerby (2011), Rex Morgan (2012), Frank Brummer (2013), Greg Conrad (2014), Chad Moutray (2015), Kenin Smith (2016), Diane Sterchi (2017), Cari Rincker (2018), Greg Sapp (2019), Wesley Wise (2020) and Bernard (Hank) Habing (2021).

The Distinguished Alumni Society recognizes alumni who have utilized the Lake Land experience to make an imprint on their profession or community. An alumnus is anyone who has graduated from Lake Land College or has taken classes.

The Distinguished Alumni Society inductees will be honored for their accomplishments and contributions to Lake Land College. Nomination information of those selected Distinguished Alumni Society inductees will be used for publicity.

Past Distinguished Alumni Society inductees are Ann Bacon (2007), Jodi Baker-Dart (2007), Bert Bradley (2007 ), Frank Brummer (2007), Cindy Bushur-Hallam (2007), Gail Bushur-Irwin, D.V.M (2007), Dr. Harry Carter (2007), Ken Fearday (2007), Scott Frailey (2007), Gary Gaetti (2007), Greg Grunloh (2007), Kristene K. Gugliuzza, M.D. (2007), Dr. Dan Hallam (2007), John Inyart (2007), Joe Kingan (2007), Larry Lilly (2007), John Livesay (2007), Carl Meinhart, Ph.D. (2007), Randy Miller (2007), Chad Moutray (2007), Steve Myers, Ph.D. (2007), Mike Neal (2007), Nancy Neal (2007), Dr. Gary Niehaus (2007), Karen Noffke (2007), John Phipps (2007), Rick Reid (2007), David Reis (2007), Jeremy Rickey (2007), Jill Rogers (2007), Greg Sapp (2007), Charlie Schwerman (2007), Michael Searles (2007), Larry Smith (2007), Jan Storm (2007), Zack Taylor (2007), Denny Throneburg (2007), Jon Van Dyke (2007), Dick West (2007), Bill Whitworth (2007), Larry Wilson, Ph.D. (2007), James Winfield, D.M.D. (2007), Tom Wright (2007), Mike Yager (2007), James Zimmer (2007), Larry Blackerby (2008), Dr. Lyn Marnee Fieldman (2008), Margaret Merry-Niebrugge (2008), Larry Norton (2008), Milton Sees (2008), Don Jesse (2009), Linda Sue Kull (2009), Carla Lundy (2009), Monte Reel (2009), Tim Fedrigon (2010), Brian Hastings (2010), Patrick Kirchhofer (2010), Bub McCulloug (2010), Julie Thomas (2010), Bob Black (2011), Tom Grunloh (2011), Tony Halsey (2011), Dr. John Killough (2011), Cari Rincker (2011), Tracie M. Egger, Ph.D. (2012), Julie Ann Janssen (2012), Rush Record (2012), Dave Storm (2012), Adam Bohnhoff (2013), Matt Bowyer (2013), Carol Jo Fritts (2013), Chris Rennels (2013), Terrall Stewart (2013), Tony Aghaei (2014), Brett Henschen (2014), Patty Montgomery (2014), Mike Sullivan (2014), Wendy Greeson (2015), Brian Henningsen (2015), Mike Kallis (2015), Ryan Montgomery (2015), Mathew Cekander (2016), Kerry Fearn (2016), Renee Fonner (2016), David Greeson (2016), Kristopher Vansickle (2016), Todd Gartner (2016), Thomas L. Overmyer (2017), Dr. Sally Salmons (2017), Katie Williams (2017), Paul Crutcher (2018), James (JC) Fultz (2018), Donna Homann (2018), Dave Pruemer (2018), Gary Sullivan (2018), Amanda Perdomo (2019), Richard M. Clapp (2019), Kelly Sager (2019), Mark McCully (2019), Wesley Wise (2019), Bobbi Kinkelaar (2020), Brad Tammen (2020), Cheryl Beam (2020), Clayton Zwilling (2020) and Patrick Drees (2020).

Forms are available from the College Advancement office by calling 217-234-5376 and on the college website at

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