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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
We’re into the second week of December and I haven’t gotten a single Christmas decoration or string of lights displayed in my home. This just isn’t me. Every year right here in this column I go on and on about what I’m doing and how much I enjoy the season and everything it brings with it. I have toters full of stuff. More than I have room to display in my home. I’ve had a tree out in full dress since 1975 when Scott Flesor and I moved into an apartment together after I graduated that same year. I’ve never missed a year since. So what has happened? I have no idea. It wasn’t my mother passing the day before Thanksgiving either. It could be a combination of things. Youngest son Lukas moved into an apartment in Charleston as he attends Eastern University. Seldom does he come home. Oldest son Payton and I are the only two humans living in this big house and he doesn’t really get into the whole Christmas theme anymore. So, if I was to deck the halls in my home it would only be for me. Why would I do that?

Never did I think I would fall out of the spirit of the season so much as to not decorate my home. I’m not depressed but neither am I excited like years past. Every Thanksgiving Eve forever I was breaking out the decorations and going at it until done. Usually it was one or two o’clock in the morning before I was finished. I’ve tried to get motivated in my down time at home. After all, I’m not doing anything else that I need to and probably just watching television. Several things have happened this past year but even so, none that I believe would cause me to do a 180 on decorating the inside of my house for Christmas. Not even my tree. The same tree I’ve used for years and years. 

I think a lot about my age now. As hard as I try to tell myself not to fret, all is well so live your life like you don’t know your age. Maybe subconsciously I think I’m too old to be doing the whole Christmas decorating thing since my kids have grown past the thrill of an old guy dressed in red bringing gifts to them on Christmas Eve. I have to admit, it was great while it lasted. But, was it okay for me to have lied to my boys all those years they were believers?! LOL! Oh course it was. Traditions are exempt from the entire truth, right? Maybe if we were to get some snow next week that might put me in the mood. Nope. Just checked the forecast for next week. Sixty’s and one day of maybe 70 degrees forecasted. Oh well, that cancels that mood changing event.

I think the only thing that has any chance of changing my mind would be if one of my boys asked me why I wasn’t decorating or even just putting a tree up. With Lukas gone and Payton not here much, that probably isn’t going to happen. You see, I don’t need a tree for presents. My kids only want cash for Christmas these days now so what do I do? Nobody wants to see a tree without presents under it. So I’ll pass this year and maybe some event in 2022 will cause me to get back into the spirit again. I hope so. I’m too young to have lost the spirit of the season already, right?

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