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Real Life Wellness-Your Bug Triangle of Health

By Dr. Bill Hemmer
We can’t live without bugs. You have 1,000,000,000,000,000 bugs in you and on you right now. All of these microbes have 9 million genes which are directly affecting every area of your health and vitality. The better your bugs are doing, the better you look, feel and live.

Our human organs only contain 23,000 genes. So, your bugs contain more than 30 times the ability to change your health for better or for worse. We need to embrace our bugs! Not try to kill them. 

However, most of us are only aware of our bad bugs. Why hasn’t anyone paid more attention to the good bugs? Your Immune system, hormone balance, digestive tract, lung function and skin health are all extremely affected by the health of your bugs. 

Therefore, your Bug Triangle of Health needs to be strong and solid for you to live your Best Life Ever. The three sides of this triangle are the Mental, Chemical and Physical. Your Mental side of your bug triangle is your Emotional Health. The Chemical side is the healthy production of Neurotransmitters and how you metabolize Drugs. Finally, your Physical side is the health of your Gut lining/Skin health. 

Recent studies continually identify the effect your emotions have on your bugs. Stress causes changes in your internal environment that directly affects the health of your bugs. Think about the last major stressful event that has occurred in your life. Did you end up getting sick during or just after that stressful event? This example plays out thousands of times a day around the country. Handling your stress correctly helps keep your bugs happy.

Did you know about 80 percent of your neurotransmitters (which are the chemicals that control your mood and attitude) are produced by the bugs in your digestive tract? Gut feelings are real. You have an entire nervous system inside your belly that only talks to your brain through these hormones. 

These neurotransmitters are sent to your brain and create your emotional response and control your ability to handle your daily stress. These substances are also very important in your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. If these bugs are out of balance, then your sleep, mood and ability to handle stress all suffer greatly.

Every drug has a direct effect on bugs in your digestive tract. Some have positive effects; others have negative effects. For example, when you take an antibiotic to get rid of an infection, you can lose up to 2/3 of your normal bugs in the process of killing the infection.

The physical side of your bug triangle has been totally overlooked until recently. Your skin cells are some of the most important cells you have. These special types of cells called epithelial cells are the guardian of your internal environment. These cells line your entire digestive tract, lungs, sinuses, blood vessels and create your skin. If these cells aren’t happy, nasty things can leak into your body when they aren’t supposed to and make you sick.

Balance is how Nature works best. All of your bugs must work together to balance your health. Embrace the fact that you are and have bugs and be ok with it. Your health truly does depend on it.

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