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Real Life Wellness-Your Brain Triangle of Health

By Dr. Bill Hemmer

How is your Brain doing today? Did you wake up refreshed and ready for action? Or did you have trouble getting going and needed coffee or something else to get your brain started. 

We have all been there. 

As we age, our brain goes through many different stages and during each stage you can prepare your brain to continue to get better…or worse. The great news is that even if your brain has been battered and abused over the years, you can rebuild and upgrade yourself if you are given a plan to do so. 

This week, I want to describe my Taming Inflammunity Brain Triangle of Health plan to do just that. Every Triangle of Health has a Mental, Chemical and Physical side to it. For Brain Health, the Mental side is Attitude/Motivation. The Chemical side is Toxicity/Inflammation/Infections. Finally, the Physical side is Lymphatics/Structure of the brain itself.

First, to keep yourself on track, motivation is of the utmost importance. My definition of motivation is, “a burning desire to accomplish a goal you wholeheartedly believe you can achieve”. This isn’t some pie in the sky thing. If you absolutely know you can reach a specific goal you’ve made for yourself, you become motivated to check it off the list. 

This leads to the second part of the mental side. Your attitude fuels your motivation. It’s true everyone has a tendency to lean toward the half full or half empty mindset. But if you’re always half empty, the best way I have found to break out of that mindset is to surround yourself with people you love that will support you and encourage your good healthy behaviors and stay away from people who suck your positive energy away from you.

Your chemical side of Brain health is all about the daily bath your brain receives from its surroundings. Brain toxicity occurs from many different sources. Stress, blood sugar problems, inflammation, chronic infections and dehydration are just a few of the chemical insults your brain can endure on a daily basis. I could write multiple articles about each of these topics. For this article, just realize every one of those factors can be successfully addressed using lifestyle and functional nutrition. 

The physical side of the Brain Triangle of Health is the physical structure of your Brain and an entirely new system just discovered over the last few years. Depending on your past experience, different parts of your brain anatomy have been stimulated and have grown and other parts of your brain have not been stimulated and have shrunk. The beautiful part of all of this is every day you have the opportunity to change your focus just a little and begin to grow those parts you have neglected and be grateful for the parts of your brain that are fully developed.  

Recently, an entirely new lymphatic system has been discovered in your brain. When you fall into deep sleep, these lymphatic systems, called the Glymphatic and Meningeal lymphatic systems open up and allow toxins, dead cells and other debris to be taken away from your brain tissue. If you don’t get into deep sleep, these lymphatic systems don’t take out your brain trash.

Next week, we will talk about a related topic…Bugs. How do they relate? Find out next week.

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