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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Well if you voted for President Biden and you think he’s doing a bang up job I’ll challenge you to a debate. I’ll challenge you to a debate and I haven’t a clue as to how we proceed. You prepare however you need and I’ll just show up and speak from the cuff. The man can’t put two sentences back to back and this guy is the leader of the free world right now! Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin are moving quickly to accomplish what they didn’t dare under the Trump Presidency. China will attempt a takeover of Taiwan, and has just this week persuaded governments in Africa to choose Chinese trade markets over the United States. Add to this, Russia is establishing strong footholds in Afghanistan and is preparing to invade Ukraine. Never under any circumstance would these things have happened under the Trump Presidency. “But Trump was a little crazy and arrogant and he scared us, ‘’ you say. Just the characteristics our president needs in this out of control world right now. The very characteristics that kept Jinping and Putin guessing as to what Trump might do if they stepped out of line. Trump had both of these clown kings held at bay, afraid to make a move for fear of what retaliation might rain down on them should they become disobedient to The Donald.

Folks this is serious stuff going on around the globe. The most powerful world leaders sense the vulnerability of the American government right now and are preparing takeovers of strategic pieces on the gameboard. Should China grab ahold of Taiwan and Russia do the same with Ukraine, the only resolve in 2024 when hopefully a president with his full mental capacities is elected will be available to him is a war with both. And that will not and should not happen. What is done today will be done forever. Be truthful with me tonight; do any of you think that Jinping would have even a remote chance of out negotiating Donald Trump in a trade war deal with Africa!? Hell no but it’s just been done to whichever of the milquetoast (look it up) negotiators the Biden Administration were assigned to the task. I’m sure ol’ Joe was off somewhere being sized for pull up diapers when all of this was going on. Can you even imagine a long distance limo ride with this guy! Whew! I’d be lining my mandatory mask with Vicks vapor rub on the inside before I took a seat in the same vehicle with Joe. This has got to be one of the most embarrassing times in American history. The man steering the American ship is dressed up in a $2,000 dollar suit on the outside and a $3.00 pull up diaper on the inside. The man stutters and skips like an old vinyl record playing after it’s been rubbed with sandpaper. I used to think he was just an outright liar about policy issues in which he was publicly challenged. Nope. Wrong. The man simply can’t remember from one day to the next what he said about anything.

If his handlers haven’t carefully prepared him just before a public appearance, he hasn’t a clue of what he is about to say as true. In recent weeks Joe is struggling to read his own prepared teleprompters! The words are big and bold right before the slits his eyes are attempting to see out of and he still can’t manage. He’s been captured on stage looking around asking, “What am I doing here”! As hard as his handlers are trying to keep Joe carefully scripted, he’s blundering at every instance. How much longer can this clown show continue? America is experiencing runaway inflation, unaffordable gas prices, empty grocery shelves, lawlessness in the larger cities, cops fleeing the profession in droves, illegal border crossings in history breaking records, to name just about half of what is going to crap and what’s Joe worried about most? The President of the United States is most concerned with the temperature outside, putting oil companies out of business, maybe forcing Americans to prove they’ve been vaccinated in order to see a movie, and paying every illegal alien separated from family $145,000 each, up to one million dollars per family! More money than any parent, wife, son, or daughter would be compensated for their loved ones being killed serving in our very own military!!! Now let this sink in…killed military loved ones less money than alive relatives that are criminals for being here in the first place. This is Joe Biden’s Democratic party screwing over American heroes and favoring foreign criminals! God help us all! You can’t make this s..t up!

What’s the most damning and ironic cataclysmic thing about this screwed up election of 2020? Should Joe be fed to the fish by the Democrats before 2024, and he will be, Kamala Harris is next in line to sit on the throne. Don’t want her either, you think? Think again because if she mysteriously disappears from public view The Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi is third in line. “Captain Kirk, I know you said you don’t believe in the no-win scenario but, by god I think I’ve found one!” (Star Trek, July 2012) So do I think America is doomed? I have one thought about how best to change directions and hopefully save Americans some sense of dignity. In 2022 the Republicans win back the House of Representatives. Representative Jim Jordan is voted Speaker of The House. Joe is already fish food compliments of his own renegade party. Harris is a blundering fool and screws up bad enough to either be impeached or resign and whoever she has chosen as her own VP is discovered to have their own closet full of skeletons. This clears the way for third in line Speaker Jim Jordan to take over as President at least until the 2024 elections. If you think this is quite a stretch and wishful thinking on my part, don’t be so sure. With all the craziness going on in Washington DC in the past five years, anything is possible. I’m not convinced that even a large portion of Democrats might even welcome a Republican taking the wheel of this run away freight train. Could be Harris’s hand picked VP would refuse the job of President just so to open the door for a sensible Republican (Jordan) to start the saving of America. I’m not advocating for Donald Trump either because if his name is even mentioned my plan is doomed from the get-go.

Why can’t all of us see the handwriting on the wall here? Either we unite as one strong America or face the possibility of being controlled by the Chinese. Nope, not Russia either, the Chinese. Russia will have their own hands full resisting their own Chinese take over. The Chinese didn’t accidently demonstrate to the rest of the world the threat capabilities of their new hypersonic missile. A missile none of the rest of the world’s militaries have a defense to stop. If they showed us this, wouldn’t this be their second best offense because surely they wouldn’t let us see their best, right? Would you? If this wasn’t enough they just this week launched a missile into space that destroyed one of their own junk satellites. Why? To scare the hell out of the rest of the world, especially us. Joe had no words when asked about this new threat. Crickets as his head bobbed from side to side scanning for a teleprompter answer but there was none. Same question to President Trump; always thinking quickly on his feet; “Super sonic you say?” “That’s it, that’s the fastest it could travel?” “That news comforts me.” “I’m more confident than ever that the Chinese military has got some work to do to catch up with us.” “No worries, next question.”

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