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Real Life Wellness

By Dr. Bill Hemmer
In case you have missed it, I want you to live your Best Life Ever! For me, that means being healthy, happy and grateful for all of the great things of life. In order to continue to live my best life, I have dreamed up this notion of the Inflammunity Best Life Meter. This meter has Inflammation on one end and a properly functioning Immune system response on the other end. 

The best way to keep this meter balanced is to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, handle stress effectively, have good bugs throughout your body and keep your brain healthy. Each of these four ways to your Best Life has three parts, Chemical, Mental and Physical. I call these three parts the Triangle of Health. 

This week, I am going to describe the Stress Handling Triangle of Health. We all live with stress every day. How you manage that stress will determine your reactions and your overall health. The three sides of your Stress Handling Triangle of Health are: Hormone Health, Controlling Toxicity and Social interaction/Group Participation.

Your Physical part of your Stress Handling Triangle of Health is your Hormonal Health. Your brain and body contain organs and tissues that are committed to you resisting and growing from your daily stress. We need stress to live, but too much stress will kill. Your Stress hormone system is designed to maintain the balance between these two extremes. 

When your hormones get out of balance, every part of your body becomes affected. You can’t sleep, you get irritable, you gain weight, and you get sick. Stress handling starts in your brain where glands secrets signaling hormones that control other glands in your body. Those signaling hormones travel to the proper gland, organ or tissue and activates its ability to handle the stress you are under.

The Chemical side of your Stress Handling Triangle of Health is your ability to control your toxic load. We all have toxins inside of us. Not only are we exposed to them every day, but we also produce toxins as we handle our daily stress. Your ability to get rid of those toxins daily is an extremely important part of you living your best life. You get rid of toxins through your skin, gut, kidneys and liver. 

Those organs all must be supported and fed so you can capture your toxins, make them bound to soluble fiber and then eliminated. Once your liver, kidneys, skin and gut are working together to help you get rid of your excess toxins, you will feel better, look better and live longer.

The final part of your Stress Handling Triangle of Health is your Social interactions/Group Participation. We all need to be part of a tribe. There is a good reason why solitary confinement is used in prison as a severe punishment. We are social beings. We need others to talk to, love on and learn from. Recent studies have proven that isolation is the leading cause of death in the elderly. We all need to find our tribe and stick with them.

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