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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
There’s a mood change moving across America and it started before last Tuesday’s elections. It’s been quietly evolving in the New England states for nearly six months. How do I know and where can you read about it? That’s just it, you can’t. It’s what you’re not hearing and seeing as much of and in some cases not at all. Black Lives Matter? In the news streams daily for a year. Nothing. The Squad (four most progressive Democratic House of Representatives members) Very little and when they’re in the news they’re either being debunked or made fun of. Defund the police? Washington DC, nothing. Minneapolis, rejected by voters Tuesday. Chicago? Mayor Lightfoot reversed course completely. George Floyd tidbits? In the news streams if not daily at least weekly. Nothing. Three or more stories a week of white police officers allegedly murdering or beating black suspects? Can’t remember the last one. Donald who? Are you talking about that guy that used to be President? Not much. All of this is a good thing for Americans. The majority of Americans have taken a few steps back to take a deep breath.

The phony, trendy, rich, and famous people populating the East and West coasts, have just now, a year and a half later, have gotten as smart as those of us living in the corn cob counties of the Midwest. All the while when you and I sat back and filtered out the good from the bad and the truth from the lies then prayed to God to show us the right path, these people of power were destroying the American way of life. For the first time in my sixty years it appears you and I matter and what we have to say has been heard. Instead of sitting back and evolving and adjusting to whatever has been mandated onto us, Middle America moms and dads have spoken. Cheer the moms and dads of the Commonwealth of Virginia for fighting back and not allowing their children to be brainwashed by the teaching of Critical Race Theory in their schools. Democrats ran on a “Sit down and shut up parents, we know better than you what’s good for your kids’’ platform. They were shamed and defeated at the poles by the voters who screamed back, “Oh no we won’t!” 

It wasn’t Republicans that carried the vote over the finish line either. Democrats turned out more voters than Republicans and many Democrats voted Republican. Independents added to the “Vote Republican” numbers as well. Virginia was as blue a stronghold as any other democratic state in America before Tuesday. Did you also see what happened in New Jersey?! Blue as blue can be but maybe not now. The Republican candidate didn’t win the race for Governor but he did garner 49 percent of the vote! Forty-nine percent! That wasn’t possible unless registered Democrats voted Republican! I think Americans have gotten sick enough of the Biden Agenda and just now have thrown up. And I think after ten months of being sick to their stomachs they’ve had enough. Americans want to feel good again about themselves, their families, and the traditional American way in which this country was founded. You and I in rural America have pretty much taken the “take it and stick it” attitude from the outset of all the riots, lootings, burnings, killings, etc. and dared anyone to bring this our way. It seems Virginia proved to be the first line of defense for the rest of our army. I hope Virginia has emboldened all of you even more as much as it has me. 

Ironically it seems the Washington Democrats and the Biden Administration have learned nothing! Some have even been blaming the “T” word for all of their failings in last Tuesday’s elections! The “T” word was probably relaxing to a round of golf or two not paying much attention to something he had already predicted the results. Of course I’m kidding about any such “T” word. Donald Trump has probably gained more respect than ever in the last ten months of the Biden debacle. I didn’t say he gained anymore love, no, no, I’m sure all of the same haters are still out there. What I’m saying is that some of those haters are realizing just how good his policies were and wishing America had them back. Maybe without Mr. Trump but, if they had to take him back with his policies…they would and they may. Some day.

Whoever may become the 2024 President elect will probably spend their first four years trying to right the ship that Biden capsized. America is a mess and in danger of losing all of our footholds in the Middle East. China is ready to move on Taiwan and Russia on Afghanistan. This time Russia will partner with the new Taliban regime instead of trying to conquer them in battle. Either way it’s bad security news for Americans. China on the other hand will invade Taiwan and easily defeat them in battle. Neither of these would happen under President Trump and China and Russia both know this so it’s now or never they make their play. Both fear a 2024 resurgence of the MAGA movement. Under the Trump Administration Russia was a nobody and China was easily held at bay with the Trump economic strategies.

I’m not pitching for Trump in 2024 here tonight. I’m pitching his successful policies. President Biden could tomorrow start to reinstate all of the Trump policies and strategies. In twenty-four months with first a house cleaning of the sissy cabinet members he currently employs with replacements showing strength and courage, he could do this. I know, fire them all and hire all of the same members Trump was using. There ya go Joe! Take some advice from an Illinois corncob and maybe you can still save face with the American people. The mood has changed everywhere but here in the rust belt. Why not here? Because you and I never changed from who we were before this all started. None of these wild and crazy ABC, XYZ, RST, or whatever damned initial titled groups of anarchists that popped out of the sewers divided us from our neighbors regardless of their color, their race, or their religious beliefs! Nope, we’ve remained who we’ve always been…proud traditional Americans.

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