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VG City Council hears of Community Center revisions

The Villa Grove city council met on October 28 for their monthly non-voting Committee of the Whole Meeting. All Aldermen were in attendance, as were Police Chief Rea, Public Works Director Lake, City Clerk Osborne and Administrator Athey. Also in attendance were Sky Sanborn, from Broeren Russo and Brian Kesler, from Architectural Expressions.

After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Eversole Gunter then called for Public Comments, and finding none, moved to the discussion of business which included:
  Lexipol contract

  Community Center Update

  McCoy/Ruby Street Drainage Survey Agreement with Fehr Graham

• Streetscape Agreement with Fehr Graham

• TIF Request from Roy Rentals

• Other Items brought before the council

Lexipol is a web-based solution designed to assist Police Agencies in maintaining policy updates, keeping current on training and documentation, and to create daily training bulletins designed to assist officers in following established policies and procedures. It was agreed that the council would vote to approve the purchase of this service at a cost of $3893.

Sky Sanborn and Brian Kesler were on hand to discuss potential savings options for construction of the new Community Center, and to ensure that it was still the city’s intent to move the project forward. After much discussion, it was agreed that the city would be willing to continue working with the contractor and the architect to find a feasible price and that they would be moving forward in good faith with the project.

It was agreed that the cost of surveying Ruby street for flooding abatement of $2000 was something that had to be done, and that it should be added to the next council voting meeting’s agenda for approval

Next, the council then reached a consensus on moving forward with Fehr Graham Engineers on grant applications for the Streetscape Project. Once completed, the project will radically improve the main street area.

After much discussion, a consensus was reached on offering a grant for a portion of Roy Rentals TIF application. 

Finding no other business, the council moved to adjourn at 7:22 p.m.

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