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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
A good friend of mine called me last week and she was extremely upset. As she told me her story she broke down into tears. She had just seen a news report that alleged the infamous Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, had a hand in providing funding to a group of experimenters that has been using beagle dogs in their research. Fauci has denied any direct involvement in these experiments. The Washington Post published a story last week on the topic also. This has ended up yet another “Who do you believe?” political football being kicked around by Republicans, PETA, White Coat Waste Project, and private animal rights activists versus Biden’s White House, Fauci, and the NIAID. With so many players in the game this is how all of these political hot potatoes grow cold leaving you and I without a clear understanding of what is the real truth.

So, I started my own Google search and screened up as many stories as I could find on this beagle research project. If you’re an animal sympathizer, my advice to you is to not Google search then read these stories. I think everyone on both sides agree to the following; beagle puppies were and still are being used as test dummies, the research involved infectious sand flies, researchers are trying to discover a vaccine for “leishmaniasis”, a disfiguring and sometimes deadly disease spread to humans bitten by sandflies infected with the parasite responsible for the disease, and lastly, and of course, this all has taken place in Tunisia (in Africa). Someplace everyone from this country that may be involved hoped would never be discovered.

Why beagle dogs of six months or less in age? To see if the disease and or the drugs injected into the dogs might stunt their growth. I guess they believe a beagle has the right size body size and weight. Unfortunately for all dogs, it reads as though how diseases spread and are contained are similar to the ways they might in humans. I know, what ever happened to mice? I won’t get into the various horrendous and cruel things these poor dogs must endure before being euthanized at the experiment’s end. I agree that America should not be funding such experiments under the protocol being followed in Tunisia. Can you even imagine the breeding and care taking abuse all of these dogs must endure? 

Biden will give Fauci a pass on all of this scandal and he will maintain his position of being the highest paid Federal employee on the payroll. I hope and pray the animal activists will keep up their good work and press forward to learn the truth of what is going on in Tunisia and who might be involved in America. I’m an animal lover and weak when it comes to dogs especially. What kind of person could even stand to commit such abuses on puppies? To Joe; “Come On Man!” What am I saying; Joe doesn’t recognize what a dog even looks like on some days. He could care less because he doesn’t know how to care anymore in my own humble opinion.

So Martha; I don’t know what else to say here. I’ve read all of the reporting and it’s a hodgepodge of disinformation, outright lies, and few truths. Pray for the animals. Pray that these brilliant scientists can discover a more humane way to find their vaccine fixes. Of course humanity needs medical research but, are we using animals because we absolutely need to or is it just more convenient to do so? It’s been a few days of interesting reading if you have the stomach for it. It made me more angry than sad. No one on either side disagreed that the dogs cried out in pain during portions of the experiments. What the hell is wrong with us?!

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