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Korean War Educator, a non-profit in Tuscola, awarded $5,000 grant from Illinois Humanities

A non-profit organization in Tuscola, Douglas County is the recipient of a $5,000 grant from  Illinois  Humanities,  with  funds  from  the  National  Endowment  for the  Humanities  and  the  American  Rescue  Plan  Act  of  2021.  The Korean War Educator, a foundation established and operated by Lynnita Aldridge Brown of Tuscola, was one of 254 organizations in 72 Illinois counties to benefit from the grant program.

Noting that some non-profits are often by-passed by traditional funding streams due to size, organizational capacity or geographic location, the IHC offers them an opportunity to apply for general operating funds.  According to Brown, the grant to the Korean War Educator (KWE) will be used to transcribe memoirs of Korean War veterans, generate new topics pages for the KWE website at, and provide funds for various general operating expenses associated with those two objectives.

Illinois  Humanities,  the  Illinois  affiliate  of the  National Endowment  for  the  Humanities,  is  a statewide  nonprofit  organization  that  activates the  humanities  through  free  public  programs,  grants,  and  educational  opportunities that  foster  reflection,  spark  conversation,  build  community,  and  strengthen  civic engagement.

The Korean War Educator is one of the largest all-Korean War websites in the world, receiving over a million visitors per year.  The KWE provides general and specific information about the Korean War, including an array of veterans’ memoirs, casualty data, award citations for heroic action in Korea, branch accounts, minority involvement, and much, much more.  A new Topics page about African-Americans in the Korean War is near completion.  Sponsored by Sheila Kronenberger of Southern Illinois, the page includes little-known facts about the role of black Americans who fought and participated in the war.  The IHC grant will make the site’s new Native American page possible, as well as the transcribing and posting of Illinois-based Korean War veterans memoirs and other topics.

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