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EP girls basketball move to Conference tournament in weeks of wins

By Kendra Hennis
Seventh Grade
On October 12, the East Prairie Hornets took on Argenta-Oreana, winning 15-9. Makenzie Spencer led with six points, Sicily Moss followed with five, Sawyer Cleland followed with three, and Kinzie Cleland added one.

Coach Beth Pugh noted, “In the Argenta-Oreana game, the seventh grade had a slow start to the game, but regrouped and played much better during the second half. Sicily Moss and Makenzie Spencer had a really good game.”

Eighth Grade
In the eighth grade match, the Hornets saw equal successes against Argenta-Orena, winning 28-14. Phoebe Wilkins led the team with nine points, Amaryiah Banda followed with six, Lilly Kurtz and Chloe Fowler each added five points, Reese Davis contributed four, and Cailin Munson added two points. 

On the game, Coach Pugh added, “The eighth grade’s aggressive defense in the second and third quarter helped us pull away from Argenta-Oreana. Reese Davis and Amaryiah Banda really put a lot of pressure on the guards that led to Argenta turning the ball over and our baskets.”

Seventh Grade
Later in the week, the Hornets defeated Arcola 17-5. Sawyer Cleland led with five points; Makenzie Spencer followed with four; and Addyson Revell, Abbey Meyer, Sicily Moss and Montserrat Xolo each added two points to the Hornet’s total. 

Coach Pugh said, “The seventh grade’s aggressive defense was too much for the young Arcola team. We held Arcola’s seventh grade to one basket made.”

Eighth Grade
During their match up against Arcola, the eighth grade Hornets put up a tough fight, ultimately winning 24-19 on October 14. Reese Davis, Chloe Fowler, Lilly Kurtz, Phoebe Wilkins, and Kady Cler each contributed four points; and Amaryiah Banda and Deondra Cook added two points each. 

Coach Pugh commented, “I was really happy with the way the girls started the game. They are really improving on our offensive spacing. We did get into a little foul trouble, but we gave a great team effort and kept the pressure on Arcola. I was proud of the team effort on the offense and defense. We had a great balance on offense with a lot of girls getting to score.” 

Seventh Grade
The seventh grade started out week two in Monticello, where they were defeated 27-11. Sicily Moss led the Hornets with eight points, Addie Presson added two, and Abbey Meyer contributed one. 

Coach Pugh noted, “The first game of the week we traveled to Monticello and took on a very talented seventh grade team. Monticello pressured our guards and we had trouble getting our offense started.”

Eighth Grade
The eighth graders also took on Monticello during game one of the week, losing 27-11. Kady Cler led the Hornets with four points, Chloe Fowler chipped in three, and Izabella Taylor added two points. 

On the game, Coach Pugh said, “The eighth graders also played Monticello for their first game of the week. We started the game out strong. We led in the first quarter, but got into some foul trouble and just didn’t play as well as we can.”

Seventh Grade
The Hornets then hosted Tri-County on October 19, where they won 24-17. Sicily Moss led the Hornets with eight points, Makenzie Spencer followed with seven, Xolo Montserrat provided four, Kinzie Cleland added three, and Brynlee Ring contributed two. 

After the game, Coach Pugh commented, “The second game was against Tri-County. It was a close game in the first quarter, but we started to pull ahead in the second and third quarter. In the fourth quarter we didn’t play as good of defense and Tri-County made a few more shots. We held on to win against Tri-County. Sicily Moss was our leading scorer. 

Eighth Grade
The eighth grade Hornets put up a tough fight against Tri-County, winning 25-20. Amaryiah Banda led the girls with ten points, Reese Davis followed with six, Chloe Fowler added five, and Lilly Kurtz chipped in two.

Coach Pugh said, “The second game of the week was against Tri-County. Tri-County will be in our conference tournament this year, and they are a scrappy team that doesn’t quit. We didn’t have our best game of the year, but did hold on to beat Tri-County. Amaryiah Banda played good defense and was a high scorer.”

Seventh Grade
On the game, Coach Pugh said “The third game of the week was against Sullivan. The girls started the game playing great defense. They held Sullivan to zero field goals and only made two free throws in the first half. The seventh graders got their second win of the week.” She added that “Sicily Moss was a high scorer.”

Eighth Grade
In the final matchup of the week, the Hornets took on Sullivan, losing 44-13. Phoebe Wilkins led with five points, Kady Cler added four, Cailin Munson contributed two points, and Reese Davis and Amaryiah Banda each added a point. 

Coach Pugh noted, “The third game of the week was against Sullivan. Sullivan was our only loss last year. They are a very aggressive and talented team. We knew that they would pressure us with a full court defense. I thought we handled the press very well. We did have a little trouble getting our offense started. Even though we lost the game, I thought it was one of the best games we have played as a team. Phoebe Wilkins was a high scorer, and Kady Cler is really showing a lot of improvement, she had one of her best games.”

Coach Pugh added that, “Both the seventh and eighth grade played in the conference tournament on Monday, October 25 at Arcola. The eighth grade girls will play for conference championship on Thursday, Oct. 28 at Arcola at 7:15.”

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