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County Board approves animal control agreement

By Kendra Hennis
The meeting of the Douglas County Board was called to order at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, October 20.

During approval of the consent agenda, the board approved a number of appointments. The first was the appointment of Martha A. Jones to the Douglas County Board of Review. Jones will replace  Roger Sy, beginning September 15, 2021. The board also appointed trustees of the Camargo Countryside Fire Protection District. These included Stephen Bragg, Matt Simpson, Todd Shunk, John Albin, and Charles Dorsett.

The board then heard from Douglas County Health Department Administrator Amanda Minor on the status of the county. Minor reported that the health department is still seeing some outbreaks of COVID-19 in Douglas County. She also reported that DCHD is continuing their vaccine clinics on Thursday at the Tuscola Community Building, as well as testing at their spot at the Outlets of Tuscola. Minor noted that they hadn’t yet received a lot of information on booster shots, but anticipated guidance coming soon. She also reported that the health department is currently working on searching for funding to assist with paying for staff for testing for the next year. 

Douglas County RCP coordinator Joshua Taylor-Thomas then reported to the board that the workplace center was still accepting applicants to process in November. He additionally noted that he has continued to meet with programs and schools in the area to assist, and hopes to get a work experience program in TCHS soon. 

The board also:
* Approved the September 15, 2021 regular board minutes.

* Approved the payments of the county’s financial obligations.

* Approved the reports of fees of county offices.

* Approved to correct a scrivener’s error in the approved Douglas County board minutes dated August 18, 2021. 

* Approved a proposal with Leaf it to Us for Annex Landscaping in the amount of $2,364.70.

* Approved an intergovernmental agreement between Douglas County Animal Control and the City of Villa Grove, the City of Newman, the Village of Hindsboro, the Village of Garrett, the Village of Camargo, the City of Arcola, and the Village of Arthur. This allows the municipalities to contract with DCAC for the housing and disposition of stray animals. 

* Approved an extension of declaration of emergency due to COVID-19.

* Approved resolution 21-R-38, authorizing the execution and amendment of the downstate operating assistance agreement.

* Approved resolution 21-R-39, authorizing cancellation of certificates of purchase for parcel 07-06-31-112-005. 

* Approved amending ordinance 21-O-7 to reflect the established compensation of the Douglas County Coroner.

* Noted that subcommittee reports are available on the Douglas County Courthouse’s website. 

* Adjourned until the November 17 meeting at 8:30 a.m.

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