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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Well if I didn’t know I was no longer calling the shots for my children’s well-being, I certainly do now. What happened? Wednesday night, early Thursday morning, about 2:30 a.m., my phone sounded off indicating an incoming text message while on my nightstand. I jump right up and take a look because ninety-nine percent of the time it’s one of the police officer’s needing an opinion about an arrest, notifying me one of them is in a pursuit, notifying me they have been requested out of town (which means I’m now on call should an emergency arise in Tuscola), or one of them has become ill and needs to go home. The other one percent will be an emergency situation with a family member. This night it was the one percent text.

Youngest son Lukas is a student at EIU and he lives in Charleston with his girlfriend Kelsey. This text was coming from Kelsey’s phone. It was seeing this I knew it had to be really important coming at this time of the morning. Kelsey had included his mom in a three way text message. Wow! This had to be important and now I’m really worried. Lukas had become extremely sick and was running 102.5 temperature. With the heat wave came a stiff neck, stiff back, cold chills, and so far just one trip to the bathroom to give the porcelain throne a hug. What to do? Tylenol to reduce the fever first and cold compress on his head. Text me if the temperature spikes again. I don’t believe it was more than forty minutes when his temperature was up again and this time 102.8. I told Kelsey to please take him to Sarah Bush Hospital. I have a police officer out with the COVID virus right now and he had all of these symptoms and more. It had really hit this officer hard and put him out quickly and he’s a young and very fit person.

Lukas has been vaccinated but, as we have recently learned, Dr. Fauci and his band of spreaders of disinformation lied to us about how completely safe we all would be once vaccinated. Vaccinated people are still dying all over the country from COVID19 and the best answers we can get from the CDC is, oopsie, wear three masks, stay home, and give generously to the IRS so the federal government can pay thousands of dollars to each of the illegal aliens that crossed our border. Please also note, these people are on ol’ Joe’s “No Vaccine and No Mask Required” list.

Back to Lukas and away from my hatred for the Biden Administration. Lukas was taken to the emergency room and soon admitted to stay for tests. COVID was ruled out fairly quickly but that wasn’t good news. Not good news because the next thought was meningitis! What? Now I’m in a full on panic mode. A sample of spinal fluid would be needed to determine a meningitis infection either by virus or bacteria. In the morning this procedure would take place and for now they would make Lukas comfortable. Comfortable by starting three IV drips of various antibiotics, antivirals, and a steroid drip to keep the other two drips in check! Precautionary measures in case this was indeed meningitis. Only one person could sit at his bedside because of the COVID regulations, so his mother and I naturally were not going to ask Kelsey to step aside so one of us could take her place. Actually we were both touched that Kelsey wanted to stay all night in the hospital watching Lukas sleep and be sick when she didn’t have to.

Texting was a good thing this night because all three of us were able to in real time stay informed of Lukas’ condition. But, not being able to stand not speaking with at least a nurse, I called the hospital for a one on one update. “Hang on Mr. Hastings while I go ask Lukas if I can discuss his medical information with you! WTH IS THIS?! Permission? I’m his father for turds sake! Yep, he’s eighteen and his own person now and fortunately I quickly realized this before I made an ass out of myself on the phone. At that moment I didn’t know what I was upset about the most. Lukas now being an adult capable of shutting me out or the meningitis fear was a double downer as a parent. Suck it up and move on even if I’m now a nobody I guess.

This is Saturday night and I was able to spell Kelsey for a few hours this afternoon and spend time with Lukas in the hospital. He’s feeling better and wants to go home. All of his test results are not in yet but meningitis has been ruled out thank God. Mononucleosis may be the culprit. That test isn’t back yet and I believe there may be one other viral infection this illness could be. Hopefully Lukas will be back at his apartment by the end of the day Monday or with any luck, tomorrow. Life had been gliding by easily lately so I could have guessed something was going to upset the ride. Oh well, its life I guess. If all was always well, where would the excitement come from? Thank you Kelsey for taking care of Lukas in his time of need! Fingers crossed Lukas is released and on his way to a full recovery.

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