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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Enough is Enough! There has to be a definitive red line drawn not to be crossed! If crossed swift and immediate consequences! I’m mad as hell. What happened to Senator Kyrsten Sinema, (D-Ariz.) last week cannot be allowed to happen. Demented activists of her own party followed her into a public restroom and captured cell phone video of the Senator enter into the restroom, into a stall, use the restroom, and exit to a sink to wash her hands. Why? Because Senator Sinema disagreed with the ridiculously expensive “Build Back Better” bill her own party is trying to sell to the American taxpayers. Because the Senator won’t lie down and just accept something she knows is disastrous for the country, she was bullied by activists even into a public restroom. This should be a clear violation of the law and any offenders taken into custody immediately. I will tell you this; should someone ever do the same to me I’ll be the one going to jail and the camera guy to the hospital to have their cell phone removed from an orifice it wasn’t designed to fit.

This is America! How did we get to a point where one of the most private acts God built into our design has become something that can be recorded for all the world to view? I’m old and I know it. I was raised differently than today’s carefree, no secrets, let it all hang out generations but, as Ol’ Joe would say; “Come On Man!” I’m a Trump guy but I’ll blame this on President Trump. He took some much incoming on his personal life during his four years in The White House it became commonplace. Trump shed it all like water on a duck and moved on without flinging. The more Trump blew off the lies and rumors the more lies and rumors the dishonest media made up and spread to the little viewers they had left. So, because Trump was tough enough to successfully move past it all, it has unfortunately become commonplace.

It has to stop. Someone or some people will be killed over such invasions of their privacy. What’s next, cameras secretly planted in our homes with no consequences? Will cameras be in every public restroom, motel rooms, dressing rooms, tanning salons, anyplace someone might undress or do embarrassing bodily functions!? I know, I know, some of you think I need to adjust. Times have changed and these newest generations don’t care like my generation. It’s not that I don’t know some of this. I’ve been surfing way too many TikTok videos since my recent sign in and I see some of this craziness. People taking off their clothes just enough to let the imagination take over, making obnoxious noises however they can with whatever body parts they can manipulate. I’m asking again, what is happening to us!? Americans don’t do these things! 

I’ve recalled some of my very first columns I ever wrote for The Journal. These were from nearly thirteen years ago. Several times I made my own predictions based on nothing that social media absorbed through the internet access would destroy America. I believe that as of to date, American values have been the first casualties of the internet crisis. Yep I think it’s a crisis. People’s lives are being destroyed whole families at a time. Are you aware there are “apps” you can download that can perfectly meld your own head and neck onto any other person of choice? Clothed or naked? Doing disgusting things you would never do? It’s true. Someone sent me a video with my head and Gus’ head singing a ridiculous song as we bobbed and weaved to the rhythm of the beat! When Charlie was Sheriff at the same time I was Chief here, he and I did actually get into a riff one night about something we disagreed. Not a big deal but, the very next day I was sent a video featuring two cartoon characters of frail stature dressed in skin tight outfits. Charlie’s head was on one and mine on the other and we were dancing around in a boxing ring fighting! Neither landed a punch and adding to this was music to match the theme playing in the background. Both videos were hilarious and it was all in good fun but, can you only imagine what could be done to someone running for a political office? And yes, Charlie and I figured out our differences the next morning and all was well and remained so.

The bigger downside to all of this new technology is that this technology will only get more sophisticated. Will anyone but Trump be able to withstand what’s to come to all of those who dare run for public office? Will the talent pool of qualified candidates dry completely up because they fear public humiliation through graphic depictions of themselves and family? I think so. So who does that leave us to lead us? You tell me because I have no idea. Me, I’ll check out of this world in time to miss the worst of it but my children? What’s life going to be like for them in twenty years or less? The 50’s and up generations have to find a way to turn this around. I know, let’s ban cell phones, computerized letters (email), and teach kids the ability to make change from a dollar to a customer paying with only cash.

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