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Hook, Line and Sinker

By Tony Hooker
2021 Cardinals season ends
The Cardinals found an extra gear in September and their seventeen-game winning streak was the longest in team history. It was really something to rally around and it made for must-see tv for those few weeks. That’s the good news. The bad news is that their reward for such a gallant run was a one-day playoff game against the Dodgers, which they lost in the bottom of the ninth. I did find one thing about the matchup that was interesting, however. The Dodgers used 5 pitchers in the game. Max Scherzer (34,000,000/year) Joe Kelly (8,830,000) Brusdar Graterol (590,000) Blake Teinen (8,000,000), Corey Knebel (5,250,000) and Kenlee Jansen (20,000,000). They paid 76 million dollars in total for the pitchers who pitched against the redbirds. The Cardinals, on the other hand, countered with Adam Wainwright (8,000,000), Luis Garcia (380,000) Giovanny Gallegos (582,000) TJ McFarland (525,000) and Alex Reyes (507,500. That’s a total of $9,994,500, which is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s also paltry in comparison to the amount of dough their opponents were kneading to spend. The position players salary comparison was even worse. All told, the Dodgers spent 200,000,000 more on salaries for 2021 than the redbirds. And we still had our chances to win. Let’s hope that the injury bug stays away in 2022 and we play most of the year like we played the last month of this season. That should help us avoid having to play a 106 win juggernaut in a one game playoff, thus greatly enhancing our playoff appearance. 

Gridiron gossip
Villa Grove’s football team won their fifth game on Friday, and that gets them one step closer to the playoffs, but there is still plenty of work to do. Because of COVID-related forfeits, they won’t earn as many playoff points as they would have liked, so there’s a chance that a five-win Devil team might be left out of the party. A win in either this week’s game at Arcola or next week’s game at Arthur would guarantee a playoff berth. Winning this one and next week’s game vs. ALAH could find them in the running to host a playoff game for the first time in six years. They seem to be finding their stride, so here’s hoping. 

Breaking up is hard to do
Even the most amicable of breakups have their moments of tension, and I’m hearing that there have been ruffled feathers on both sides of one particular recent split and the seeds of rivalry have been planted. Rivalries are good for sports, as long as they aren’t carried too far.

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