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Holding It All Together-The Boys Of Summer

By Amy McCollom
Well, it’s finally October. You know what that means…baseball’s finest hour. Oh, were you thinking pumpkins and black cats? Sorry. I’m talking about World Series time!

So who is your team? I personally am a Cubs fan, ever since I fell in love with a cute short-stop named Larry Bowa when I was 12 years old. But I married a Cardinals fan, so that was awkward. But we keep the peace by rooting for our teams like normal, as long as they aren’t playing each other. We keep the peace, for the most part. My kid cleared it up the other day when I overheard him tell a friend, “I’m a Cub-nals fan. We like both teams in this house.”

Rally shirts, rally hats; there is no magic in baseball. I’m smart enough to know that, but it doesn’t stop me from occasionally flicking my fingers at the t.v. screen and whispering “miss” in hopes that the other team can be influenced by some sort of wishful thinking. Is that horrible of me? 

Isn’t it strange, though, how we join ourselves with a team to the point that we talk about them in first person like we are one of them? “We won!” “Oh man, we almost had them!” “Can you believe how we did today?” As if by sitting on our couch watching our plasma screen, and shouting comments at the bad players, that we are part of the team. 

When we become fans, we essentially do join ourselves to that team, thus say psychologists, and it’s healthy to a point. As long as you still function in a normal life, work, pay your bills, eat, and take care of yourself, there is nothing wrong with being a fan. We all need to belong to a group, and being a fan certainly joins us with a group of people who are just like us, enthusiastic about one thing: our team! So go for it! It’s fun to be part of a team!

Well, actually I was only on one baseball team in my life. That’s probably a good thing. It wasn’t too pretty. Or fun. I think it was softball, actually. I was ten, what did I know? I didn’t even know that the ball glove my mom got for my sister and I to share was really a catcher’s mitt. It was for my right hand, but I’m right-handed. I played right field, way out where the dandelions grow. It was a good place to daydream because the ball never came out that far. My favorite part of the whole season was the pizza party at the end. But now I like watching baseball. It’s so much more fun for me than actually playing it.

For whatever reason, we love the team we love. We watch through the season, we hear the crack of the bat, keep an eye on the bullpen, look for the best closers and rookies, then before we know it, the pennant race is won. Now it’s playoff time, but if your team didn’t make it, pick one to root for anyway. Join with another friend or family member and root for their team now. In case you don’t know, the last eight teams are: 

Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays, 

Chicago White Sox vs Houston Astros, 

Milwaukee Brewers vs Atlanta Braves, 

Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants

The World Series is still one of the most exciting series in sports. It’s inspiring, a celebration of excellence, positive entertainment, family friendly, strengthens family and friend connections, and honors perseverance. Plus there’s no crying in baseball. So, what’s not to like?

Baseball truly is America’s pastime. It is America’s first pro sport, and for generations, has continued to bring excitement, nostalgia, and simple fun to us all. Good luck to the “boys of summer.” May this October bring out the beast in you all.

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