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Carson Block named Villa Grove football’s “Dude of the Week”

By Tony Hooker
Each week during the football season, the coaches will select one player as the “Dude of the week.” 

This week’s dude is Carson Block. Here is what Coach Heath Wilson had to say when nominating him.

“Carson has earned this award for this week not only due to how he played against SV, but how he has prepared for every week. It’s not always easy to get perfect snaps but Carson has done an excellent job so far this season. He always puts the team first, grinds through the week and always does what is asked of him. Our “Dude” has been a leader all through the summer and off seasons and never misses a workout. Carson is a leader in the weight room and led during summer practices. He’s the boss on that offensive line. He is a leader for preparing for games by watching game film on Hudl. Carson is one of those “Dudes” that we can count on for doing the right thing. He contributes to game planning during practice. This award also shows his leadership on and off the field, respect for his teammates, respect to his school, and respect for our community. He has shown community service when asked to volunteer for events. Our “Dude” will lead our team on the field tomorrow vs Tri County, Great job Carson!!!”

Here are five questions to get to know Carson a little better.

What are you driving? What’s coming out of your speakers?

I’m driving a 2001 7.3 Ford PowerStroke. I usually listen to 90’s country.

What’s your favorite restaurant? What are you ordering?

Outback Steakhouse. I usually get the Ribeye with mashed potatoes.

What is your favorite subject in school? Why?

PE, because I don’t have homework.

Who does the best Coach Wilson impression?

Probably Coach Lucas Wilson.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?

I see myself either starting a farm with Jacob Dohme or working full time on a farm.

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