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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
The news cycles are moving so fast and furious this week and last I’m having a difficult time singling out any one of them to talk about. What do you think about the controversy surrounding the Joints Chiefs of Staff head General Milley? A couple of flavors of the day about the good General are one; did he really do an end around on President Trump and the President’s Defense Secretary when he spoke with his, Milley’s, military counterpart from China without first consulting either? Two; did General Milley really have a conversation with Nancy Pelosi about President Trump’s mental state of mind just days before the transfer of power? Did Pelosi call Milley and request that Milley stand guard over any ability that President Trump had to launch a nuclear attack on China just before he left office in January? Too that, did Milley say to Pelosi not to worry that plenty of safe guards were in place to keep Trump from ordering an attack on China? Did Pelosi make a statement to Milley that she thought Trump was crazy and was capable of doing anything to which Milley agreed with her? The White House and Milley, according to third party sources, are calling the accusations ridiculously false and the accusations will be addressed in two weeks before a congressional inquiry committee.

What I think. First I’ll admit I haven’t been a fan of the General ever since he did a public low crawl apology retreat for walking with President Trump to St. John’s Church in Washington DC after an attempt to burn the church to the ground failed. After the biased leftist news media jumped all over the General and others in attendance that day with Trump, the General apologized publicly in attempt to remain politically correct for both Republican and Democrat parties. You know, just in case he also wanted a job with the Biden Administration should Trump lose the election. Which is exactly what did happen! After this revelation I feel General Milley has just one allegiance and that’s the one to himself and not America. You can easily recognize one of these guys in a crowd. They’re the ones with their lips and noses protruding well in front of their faces as they follow their current boss through a crowd.

However, I think and agree what has been reported that General Milley has not done anything inappropriate or unprecedented in his conversations with the Chinese military leaders while serving under President Trump. There has to be so many moving parts every minute of every day in White House business that never could the sitting President, whoever it might be, could be kept in the loop on the workings of every single part of the machine. I’ll give him a pass on this one. I’m sure he will be thrilled to hear that Craig Hastings in Tuscola Illinois has publically cleared him on the China phone call issue. I may also give him a pass on the Pelosi conversation too. Remember now who he was talking to on that call. Bat s..t crazy Nancy Pelosi! My god this woman waves her hands around more than a witch in a Harry Potter movie! Standing at the podium speaking her hands are moving one direction, her head another, and all the while her dentures are trying to jump ship right out her mouth as her tongue works feverishly trying to keep them aboard! After her wild display of waves and chews she has said absolutely nothing that made any sense.

I think Milley did as I have done many times in my career trying to calm a freaked out citizen. What you do to get rid of them and their baseless claims and complaints is simply agree with everything they have to say. This is the only way to get on with your own day and maintain your sanity! I think this is exactly how the General handled Pelosi. After all, he didn’t want her to cast one of her spells on him. Worse yet, had she demanded a face to face meeting he might have had to duck a denture projectile as Nancy got excited and speaking to fast! Yep, Milley was playing Pelosi that day by simply agreeing with whatever she had to say about Trump.

We’ve watched many good people of power and position fall and become nobodies in the past four and a half years through news media onslaughts. Four years in Trump’s presidency and the first half of Biden’s first of four years. Don’t any of these people learn from watching others fall before them? Do they think somehow they will be spared or be wiser than those that went before them? Why would the Milleys, Oliver Norths, countless other cabinet members, and a continuing stream of Congressmen and women risk their reputations and best careers to serve in our government? You can’t succeed because the news media will not let you! If you become too successful one side will tear you down. It doesn’t matter if the fodder is true or not. If there is nothing to be found in your background, no problem, the media will make it up. From where? An anonymous source that’s never revealed. So how do Americans get good people to run our government? We won’t. General Milley surely has to be rethinking the choices he’s made in the past five years. He’s now a target. There will be nothing he can do that he can catch a break. Right now he can’t retire and get out because it will look as an act of guilt from which he is currently accused. Me, I’d bail after the China phone call hearings and call it a career.

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