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County board approves Hazardous Waste collection

By Jim Allen
The County Board met in regular session on September 9, 2021. Chair Munson called the meeting to order at 9:00 with all board members present. The board approved the payments of the County’s financial obligations and approved the reports of fees of the county offices. 

The next order of business was to appoint members to a newly formed technology standing committee. Members who were selected were Don Munson Chair, and members Jim Mikeworth and Tom Hettinger. The committee is to facilitate communication between the various departments.

A resolution to reappoint Cindy Baer as Supervisor of Assessments was approved by the board. The appointment will be for four years from September 15, 2021 through September 17, 2025. 

Chair Munson presented information regarding a Household Hazardous Waste collection that is proposed for early next year. Kelly Lockhart of Coles County regional Planning is asking area counties to enter into an inter-governmental agreement to counties that are contiguous to Coles County. The program will be funded with a grant from the EPA. The board approved entering into the inter-governmental agreement. Details on material and dates will be forthcoming.

Before closing the meeting, Chair Munson asked for questions or comments from those in attendance. A question was presented regarding when a committee for revising the 2009 WECS Ordinance, under which the current wind turbine complex was authorized, would be formed. On May 19, 2021, the County Board passed a moratorium on accepting applications for future “wind farms”, it was noted that such a committee would be formed. Chair Munson replied that due to the time he was taking with ARPA funds and the finalization of the commitment to road work by EDPR, he had not been able to take time for this committee.

I mentioned that it might be possible for a board member to take a lead in reviewing the ordinance. It was pointed out that would not be possible as the committee would be under the auspices of the Plat and Planning Committee which is headed by Tom Hettinger. Mr. Hettinger stated that if progress on the WECS committee was delayed, that the board could extend the moratorium until the ordinance could be revised.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned until October 31 at 9:00.

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