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Tuscola School Board has an open seat to fill

Due to board member Levi Miller moving out of the district, the Tuscola School Board has an open seat to fill. The Board of Education is elected utilizing Township and Range. Each Township and Range can have up to three members elected from it. Township 16N Range 8E has three members elected to the current school board. This Township and Range is located North of Route 36 to the district boundaries. There are two exceptions to this statement. If you live North of Route 36 and West of 600E or East of 1200E, you are not in Township 16 N Range 8 E. If you live south of Route 36, you will be eligible to apply for the open seat.

If you are not sure what Township and Range you are registered in, please call the Douglas County Clerk and Recorder at 217-253-2411.


a. United States Citizen

b. Be at least 18 years of 


c. A resident of Illinois 

and the District for at 

least 1 year immediately 

preceding the 


d. Be a registered voter

e. Not a child sex 


f. Not hold another in

compatible public office

g. Not have a prohibited 

interest in any contract 

with the District

h. Not be a school trustee

i. Not hold certain types 

of prohibited State or 

Federal Employment

How to Apply

Individuals interested in applying should submit a letter highlighting their qualifications and indicating why they want to serve on the Tuscola CUSD 301 School Board.

Deadline and Interviews

The deadline to submit a letter of interest is September 7. Interviews will be set for a later date.

Please submit your letter to:

Tuscola CUSD 301


Gary Alexander

409 S. Prairie

Tuscola, Il 61953

You may also email your letter to Gary Alexander at

Please put Tuscola Board Application in the subject line.

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