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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said about the absolute debacle taking place in Afghanistan. President Biden rehired the same military misfits that served Obama during his presidency. The same people who missed or misread, or both, the intelligence information the lead to four American deaths in the Benghazi attacks on two American government facilities in 2012. As of tonight thirteen Americans have been reported killed in the last two days in Afghanistan while trying to move civilian Americans and other Afghanistan people out of country. I could talk for hours about the ridiculously mismanaged retreat and exit from the Afghanistan war. I still 100 percent agree with leaving Afghanistan after twenty years of spinning our wheels and losing life and limb in a godforsaken country that has little importance to Americans. One day America will suffer another terrorist attack and my critics will say; “See, had we kept a military presence in Afghanistan this wouldn’t have happened!” I’ll say back to you; “B.S., another attack was inevitable.”

I have a couple of opinions about this evacuation and withdraw and how it was so mismanaged by the Biden team. First and most importantly in the Administration’s defense, I don’t think his military Joint Chiefs advised our president that this was the way to carry out the mission. They had to know what was going to happen. Anyway, these guys had a plan, several plans, and most likely what happened was ol’ Joe said “No.” 

My second theory is that his military Chiefs set Joe up to fail. Not because they wanted too. Not because they thought thirteen Americans might lose their lives, but because these people, all members of the President’s cabinet, were instructed by the real Democrats in charge that is was time for Joe to go. What better way to get rid of him than a complete and utter failure of his first important military emergency. Remember Joe was never than chosen one. Only Joe’s name was the chosen one to win the 2020 election. Never was the plan that Joe Biden would do four years in office. My god, everyone watching and listening to him talk could see he was in full dementia failure during the campaign! The campaign that would only see him emerge from basement hiding when the media finally was tired of waiting for an appearance. After all, how could the 98 percent corrupt, and lying, news media continue to support the party without an occasional picture of Joe? So Joe would have his handlers get him all cleaned up and dressed in a suit and put him in front of a teleprompter with a few sentences for him to read, written by someone else of course, and full speed ahead to beat Trump. We all remember Trump rallies with twenty thousand and more people attending and across town there was Biden in a socially distanced parking lot with a whole twenty people in attendance. But somehow Joe won by a few million votes. Joe was more popular by millions of people that voted than even President Obama? You don’t really believe that do you? At the same time Trump tallied millions more votes than Obama also. In the same damn election!? Not possible? Maybe both sides had people voting from the grave and inside South America. Who knows what really happened and who did what to cheat the American people out of a fair and just election. Again I say, I think there was some cheating done by people in both parties. Why? Because I don’t think this many millions of people, living, were registered to vote .

Back to Afghan Joe. Maybe this was the Democrats ticket to oust Joe Biden from office. This event was such a display of complete incompetence by our Commander in Chief that he has to go. The Democrats are counting on the American people to demand it; and they are. Better yet, the Democrats will let the Republicans lead the charge keeping their own hands clean. Watching Joe on stage and shuffling back and forth from the podium, refusing questions, getting lost mid-sentence, and staring into space has me feeling sorry for the guy. The plan is perfect. Joe will fade away with all of us feeling sorry for him and his mental health. Then the next phase of the plan will be played. Kamala Harris will be sworn in as the next and first female president with an undisclosed vice president appointee. Trust me here though, the Democrats have already chosen her vice president should her status change to “President”. That person I predict will become the democrat nominee for president in the 2024 election.

I said this back when Joe was elected and I stand by it even through this Afghanistan disaster; please Joe, hang in there and do not fade away quietly. Raise hell, complain, challenge the push, find Corn Pop at the pool to back you up and fight it out with Pelosi and Schumer. Of the three old goats my money is on you Joe. I think you can not only take them both but, I think you can take them both at the same time! Corn Pop may not have to do anything but carry your water and towel! Come on Joe! If you think you can take Trump behind “the gym”, surely you can bounce little Nancy and shake’n Schumer in just a round or two, right? Come on man!

Republicans and Conservatives; pray for Joe. What happens next should his own party force him out will pale beyond comparison should Kamala Harris be sworn in as our nest president. The 2022 mid- term elections will seal the fate of this Republic. If the Republicans and Conservatives voting as Republicans can’t win the majority of both the Senate and House, we’re doomed. Life will change in America. This or some of the already seated/ elected Democrats have to grow a spine and fight back. Vote like they would like to and not how they are told. It’s 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning and I’ll pray when I stop tonight that no more American service personnel will die in the next four days in Afghanistan while evacuating civilians in Kabul. Join me.

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