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Villa Grove Blue Devils high school golf season preview

By Tony Hooker
How has the team adapted to a regular off season and preseason workouts? 

Anyone standing out to you? 

So far the team is adapting very well and all excited for another season of golf. At this point we have only had one meet, it is hard to say who is standing out at this point, but I will say that kids are working hard and excited to play.

Who are key returnees from a year ago? 

Key returns are boys: Jake Gilles and Nic Wilson. Girls: Ava Vollmer, Logan Lillard, Maci Clodfelder, and Addie Wilson

Who are key losses? 

No losses, only gains.

Are there any newcomers who you’re expecting to contribute at the varsity level this year? 

Boys: Gavin Kiser. Girls: Olivia Jones

What are your season expectations? 

Since I am a new coach to all of this, my expectations are to make sure these kids enjoy what they are doing. Golf is a lifelong sport and I want them to have fun while playing. I am also hopeful to build the program and help the kids along the way.

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