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By Craig Hastings
Tamyra Mensah-Stock wins gold in Tokyo! But the second best part of this story was her reaction and celebration after she won. Demonstrating like a true American, Tamyra cried, she laughed, she danced, and she shouted to the world how proud she is to be an American representing the United States in the Olympic Games. Tamyra is a freestyle wrestler, she’s 28 years old, and a proud American. I was thrilled to say the least. I even got goosebumps on my arms watching her dance around the stadium celebrating being an American. Winning gold has to be a jubilation that only the athlete winning the event can feel. But watching Tamyra running around draped with an American flag over her shoulders was celebration enough for me.

Finally something positive American comes out of the Olympic games. There has been so much negative surrounding the disgraced American soccer team the past three weeks that honestly, I stopped paying attention to anything about the Tokyo Olympics. I’m embarrassed and disgusted with most, not all, of the members of the American soccer team. The majority of the team took a knee when our National Anthem was played right before their first match. The American team was picked to cruise through their matches and take home the gold. Americans were lined up to cheer on the world’s favorite ladies. The anticipation quickly waned after the team’s disgusting act of disrespect for our country they were in Tokyo to represent. Leading the act of wokeism was some purple haired clown named Megan Rapinoe. Team Captain? I think not. Conservative Americans were not the only people jumping ship and actually cheering against the American team in their 1-0 loss to Canada.

Of course CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC, television reported the event with little to report on the controversial display. After winning the World Cup in 2019 the team refused an invitation to visit the White House and meet with President Trump. It’s hard to believe all of this kneeling crap started with an overly inflated ego bushy haired NFL player. His agenda was to use the NFL to protest what he believed to be racist police officers picking on the black communities where they served. Without sound proof of any allegations, he continued and soon too many other NFL players joined this newest game of Professional Athletes vs. All American Police. This movement did catch a lot of wind in its sails before Americans caught on to the scam and no one cared anymore. These same faithful Americans also moved away from watching and supporting all NFL football. The women’s soccer sport is suffering the same fate. I do feel sorry for the few women on the team being dragged down the sewer along with the purple haired captain. 

There is a bright light here to witness. Before the soccer team could sour the majority of Americans on the world Olympics all together, along came Tamyra Mensah-Stock. She has saved the day and restored Americans’ admiration for the incredibly hard work these athletes must endure to compete at such a high level. So you take that knee Miss Purple Hair and continue to encourage your teammates to do the same. The rest of us will continue to stand for The National Anthem and disown you and your band of wokies. The last thing I have to say about this event is this; where in the hell are our own Olympic Committee people on this!? Why didn’t they weigh in on this and stop it before the first verse? I have to assume they were out some place way far away trying to find their spines they lost after the conservative outrage surfaced.

People; this s— has to stop before we lose sight of who we are and what we represent to the rest of the world! How about this? Not that I approve or like it one bit but, why couldn’t these soccer girls have spoken out in their numerous television interviews about how they feel about whatever it was they were in protest mode? They could have been all dressed up in their Olympic uniforms, tattoos, and multi colored hair styles and gave their speeches about how oppressed they feel about being an American. Even though it is America and Americans that made all of their grandeur possible, protest away. My gripe is their disrespect for the American National Anthem. Maybe I over react. What difference should it make if anyone drops to a knee during the playing of our anthem? I can’t answer my own question with anything but, “It just does’ ‘ and I don’t feel disrespect for all of America and all Americans when these make believe protesters take a knee. What boils my blood is this; I believe the National Anthem represents Americans ability to enjoy participating in the countless everything we can do including sports. And how did we get to such an ability? Through the lost blood and lost lives of our military personnel! I believe our Anthem is symbolic of our thanks and respect for every American that ever adorned the uniform and pledged to give their life for God and Country!

And then along came Fuzzy Hair NFL guy followed by Miss Purple Hair woker. I don’t get it! Did they choose this song just because it’s popular and played before about half of all the events we enjoy in America or did they choose it because they really do have a grasp of its meaning? I hope the prior because this would show me not only are they vain, but thankfully their intentions are not to disrespect our military heroes.

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