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Council discusses Community Center building costs

The Villa Grove City Council met for a Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, August 2 at 6:00 p.m., with all council members, plus Mayor Eversole Gunter, Clerk Osborne, Administrator Athey, Public Works director Lake and Police Chief Rea in attendance. 

After role was called and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, Mayor Eversole Gunter called for public comments.

Bruce Allen, representing the Ag Days Steering Committee as well as the Chamber of Commerce stood to discuss several upcoming events. First, he shared information about the upcoming Ag Days and Parade route. Next, he discussed the purchase of lights and garlands for main street for use during the holiday season. His proposal was for the cost of the lights and garlands to be split three ways between the Ag Days committee, the Chamber of Commerce, and the city. A consensus was reached to do so, with the city making the purchase and being reimbursed by the other two entities.

Next, Administrator Athey made her report. She stated that they were seeking clarification on certain USDA facilities financing issues. She also noted that she was in the process of seeking a 24 month extension of funding for the Community Building, given the increase in building costs for the project over the original expectations. 

Mayor Eversole Gunter then reported that JC Crawford had approached her about the idea of hosting a car show in the fall, and the council reached a consensus to support the show as much as possible.

Finding no other reports, Mayor Eversole Gunter then moved to discussion of new business which included:

* The Status of Community Center bidding/construction/funding.

Brian Kessler from Architectural Expressions was on hand to discuss possible ways of cutting construction costs from the $7 million range where the bids fell. After all aldermen shared their thoughts, a consensus was reached to work with low bidder Broeren Russo Construction to find ways to cut costs to a manageable sum. 

* Administrator Athey then shared the schedule for finalizing the FY22 budget over the course of the month of August.

Finding no other items for discussion, the council moved to adjourn at 7:32 p.m.

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