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VG City Council discusses pump repair at water plant

Due to procedural concerns, the Villa Grove city council met for a voting meeting on July 26, 2021, rather than a committee of the whole meeting, with all aldermen, plus Mayor Eversole-Gunter, Administrator Athey, Clerk Osborne, Building inspector Broeker, Fire Chief Black, Public Works director Lake and Police Chief Rea present.

After saying the pledge, Mayor Eversole Gunter called for a vote on approving the consent agenda, which consisted of:
* Minutes of the last regular city council meeting, held July 12, 2021.

* Authorization for the payment of bills in the amount of $110,933.70.

* The Removal of VFD lift station control panels at a cost of $5110.00.

The motion passed unanimously. 

Next, Mayor Eversole Gunter called for public comments and finding none, moved to committee reports.

Administrator Athey reported that the audit went well and was able to be completed a day earlier than expected. She also noted that her experience at the annual conference had also gone well.

PW director Lake then shared that he had received two bids for the Adams Street pump station repair, with United Mechanical coming in at $131,000 and Flowtech bidding at $97,000. The bid included the replacement of two pumps and all the valves. Lake also said that once approved, the work would be completed in six weeks. He also noted that he had consulted with Engineer Kieser about a malfunction with one of the pumps at the water plant.

Fire Chief Black then discussed the process for purchasing new fire equipment for the department.

The mayor then made a short report, stating that the Ag Days steering committee was in agreement that all alcohol would remain inside the Plaza fence, rather than closing off Main Street. The reason was that because of the many ways to enter Main Street, it is impossible to collect the admission charge that is needed to help with compensating the bands. 

The mayor then called for votes on new business, which includes:
* Approval of a variance request from Mike Beesley for a variance at 208 Ruby Street (shed construction).

* Approval of a change order in the amount of $5650 for Ezell Excavating. This amount is to compensate Ezell’s for additional rental fees for a concrete breaker due to a delay in obtaining results of a filter media radium test by a former city employee. 

* Review of increased parking fines ordinance (2021-MC06) which will increase the amount of various fines for traffic code ordinance violations.

* Approval of a bid in the amount of $22,875 to Ezell Excavating Inc. for the paving of the Emergency Services Building parking lot.

* Opening of Bids for the construction of the Community Center.

* Designation of funds for a TIF request in the amount of $57,250 for Roy Rentals, LLC for renovations at three Main Street locations. (11N, 6S, 8S) 

Approval was given for all new business save the construction of the Community Building and the TIF request from Derrick Roy, pending further discussion and pending document review.

Finding no other business, the council moved to adjourn at 6:56 p.m.

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