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By Craig Hastings
Here we go again. A new version of the COVID virus is racing it’s way through America and mask or not to mask. America is divided in our thinking of how safe or necessary the vaccine might be. I think it’s fair to say that Americans are also divided about how politics are weighing in on the vaccine. Remember before the election Democrats in Washington were skeptical about how safe the “Trump” vaccine might be because it was President Trump that drafted the blueprint that managed how to and how fast the vaccine could be manufactured and delivered to the population. Not only Americans but also the rest of the world. No small feat for sure. Instead of supporting his efforts, Washington Democrats ran to the biased media and conjured up as many voodoo spells as possible to encourage Americans to hedge on whatever the Trump Administration was trying to accomplish. Not only the vaccine but also any therapeutic medicines to save the already infected. It was disgraceful behavior.

So here we are today. Democrats are threatening their own citizens with fines and reprisals if we don’t get vaccinated. The first will be a mask mandate which some clowns that were voted in as governors in a handful of states are already encouraging in some of their larger cities. Remember watching President Biden on the world stage boldly telling us that if you get vaccinated you don’t have to wear a mask? Well to day Joe doesn’t remember saying such a thing even though there is clear video evidence from every network that has him saying those very words! This guy is a mess. Do you find yourself trying to finish his sentences before he can when you see him speaking?! I do! Illinois, hang on and you better get all of your old masks washed up and ready to go because our governor will follow the leader and order us to do the same. Democrats are standing by a slogan of “follow the science”. Okay, I’m a believer in science myself regardless of politics but, who science and that of which scientists? There are just as many qualified and brilliant scientists that are telling us that masks are a ridiculous waste of time to be wearing and that this new Delta strain of the COVID virus is not a death threat to the American people. If Democrats and Republicans could together and deliver one message to the people then maybe, just maybe, more people would get vaccinated. If that happens the whole mask thing becomes moot. I think many people aren’t getting vaccinated just because the Federal government is telling them they have too. Leave them alone and appear you could care less and probably many of those people will go get vaccinated! But no, Ol’ Joe and his band of superheroes have their tough guy tights and tough girl spandex pulled up over their belly jelly and threaten us with what they’re going to do to us if we don’t kneel to shoe.

This is not the way to get people in this country, a free country, to cooperate with what you want them to do. Cooperate, not comply but to cooperate. The two words are the difference between those that play well together and those that won’t. Had not his excellence, Dr. Fauci not flip flopped around more than a fish not only out of water but at the same time on a hot rock, maybe the people could believe more of what is coming from our government. This certainly is not the case. This guy is more political than anybody that ever ran for any office. This guy can’t wait to get in front of the next camera, after stepping up on the hidden short person box first, and ranting and raving about how the people need his lead in order to survive this pandemic. I liked this guy in the beginning of all of this but now, I don’t trust him at all. I’d say not any farther than I could throw him but, I could actually probably pick short stuff up and throw him a ways.

Seriously, I’m worried. I fear the pushback from businesses due to another forced shut down will be fierce. I think this will cause the federal government to deploy the National Guard to control the violence. I think the local police in many jurisdictions will not enforce another forced shut down. Then what do we have? local law enforcement vs. national guard? And why wouldn’t some Americans feel this way? Just last week President Biden publicly called any American citizen “stupider than I thought you were’’ if they haven’t and won’t get vaccinated. THe President of The United States calling fellow Americans, many fellow Americans, stupid people! How in the hell did this guy get elected? Maybe 2020 should have been the year of the first Independent Party president. I was a Trump guy but would have entertained someone else if it meant keeping Biden/Harris out. This chaos was predicted! Even the Democrats saw this coming but it was a “whatever they needed to do’’ election to keep Trump out. And now as each day passes the Biden Administration makes Trump a stronger 2024 candidate.

I think now it will be sooner than later that Vice President Harris moves into the White House at the same time Ol’ Joe is moved to assisted living never to be seen again. I’ll add, just as the Democrats have planned from the first campaign day. Washington Democrats used Joe’s name recognition to win this election. They knew he was unfit but it didn’t matter. It was a good plan too! Bravo to those that ramrodded this drive. Anyway, I’m sure I have little influence on any of you that haven’t been vaccinated but, I have been and I encourage you to do the same. And it’s not because I think that this new Delta virus will kill you either. I encourage you to vaccinate because I believe a pandemic of violence will occur if this administration continues to push the American people to do things they don’t want too. This vaccination issue is a constitutional question that needs to be answered before people are arrested, businesses shut down, schools closed, and more people leaving the workforce and not coming back because the government has temporarily paid them enough money to stay home. To those people refusing to return to work, it’s temporary and if you don’t come back now when you can pick the job you want, you may get stuck with crap or no job at all. Soon it will be winter. God help us all!

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