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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
So now that two of the wealthiest men in the world have their own space programs and within the last two weeks have themselves been jettisoned into space, will the UFO phenomena heat up? Probably. Billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos in July of 2021 have forever made their mark in world history much like the privately funded Wright brothers did in 1903. On December 17, 1903, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina Wilbur and Orville Wright made the first successful airplane flight. Although the flight was just twelve minutes; they were airborne and history was made. Of course privateers would design and build bigger, better, and faster aircraft but all within the science of gravitational pull. It would take world governments expertise and enormous budgets to reach outer space in the 60’s. This month not one but two privateers have reached outer space in craft that they own and this is significant. Even though the actual time spent weightless in space was approximately just three minutes, it doesn’t matter, they did it. Technically I guess Branson was the first by less than a week but, since Bezos was just days behind I think history will remember them both as equal “firsts”. Few will recall the passengers of each flight. So with private corporations launching their own space programs here in America and I’m sure in other countries in the near future, how will anyone determine what might be “our” UFOs and “alien” UFOs?

Certainly it will make it easier for our own government to sell us “It was the Chinese looking for Hunter Biden!” Or, “It was Putin doing a flyover dropping leaflets from space trying to get Trump re-elected in 2024!” Seriously, many countries will be trying to send people and cargo into space and some of those flights will not be successful. Where the debris falls and lands from those failed flights should be a concern for all of us. Will America or is America preparing or already prepared to intercept and destroy space trash raining down on us now and in the future. The more concerning question is; just what is it that other countries will be sending into space and why? Remember in the 1960’s when some of us old enough to remember, were exposed to some crazy and impossible space mission television show called; “Star Trek”? We all got a chance each week to climb aboard a spaceship complete with blinking colored lights and beeping sound effects designated the Starship Enterprise. We put our lives in the capable hands of Captain James T. Kirk. We would leave our space dock each week and set sail into the dark and cold reaches of outer space. Our mission; save the Federation of Planets mostly from the Klingons plot to rule the galaxy. A few weirdo monsters and aliens were also thrown in the mix once in a while. However, I think the biggest threat we had to endure on our missions were all of those sexy alien females that somehow always thought our Captain Kirk was the most handsome of our crew and therefore vulnerable to their own plots of fortune and rule. Had I really been aboard The Enterprise I would have taken offense to never being the chosen “most handsome” male member of the crew! LOL!

Anyway; how about you? Are you ready and willing right now to fly into space? Of the people I’ve asked it’s been a 50/50 split. Me? I’m one of the “No way in h—” am I volunteering for a space flight just yet. And until there’s something else to do other than look out the window back down at earth, my seat is open. After all, how many times and how long can you float around weightless and make eww! and ahh! noises? It would be like sitting around a bunch of people looking skyward watching fireworks going off. I would either need to be able to fly the space craft or unload a ground rover on a planet, and drag race another rover or maybe a vehicle belonging to a newly acquainted alien on the surface. I’m not much into sightseeing. After I’ve seen it once I’m done, time to move on. However, being sixty-four now there is little chance I will ever have the chance to fly into space. My sons may get their chance but I won’t.

Back to the UFO phenomena. I predict that in the next twenty-four months or even sooner the world will get its first undeniable evidence that life does exist somewhere else and we have been observed for thousands of years by more than just one other alien species. Relax, had any of these “others” wanted to wipe us out that would have happened by now. Maybe our human race will finally get the real answers to the how and why we are. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not denying God and the heavens exist. What I am saying is that just maybe earthlings aren’t the only species that have his attention.

My generation will not survive long enough to see the most relevant understanding of existentialism. Those that follow us for generations to come should hope that what I predict will come to pass. Why? Because there are some things that will eventually happen on or too earth that will threaten its very existence. The sun will not burn forever. History tells us that a meteor strike event of consequence will happen. People some day will live long enough that without population control the earth will become overcrowded. The very minerals that humans rely on to live will run out. And finally, if Democrats continue to win The White House the world population will die off due to a combination of uncontrollable laughter and suffocation due to Dr. Fauci’s triple mask mandate! (Well maybe not the last one but….) So there you have it. Keep your eyes to the sky and watch with me the new upcoming series of Ancient Aliens and The Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch!!

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