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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Let me first start off by saying to you that I have zero military experience and only know as much as the average American citizen is allowed to know about war. The twenty year war in Afghanistan seems to be something President Trump and President Biden share an opinion on. Both want(ed) out and both moved forward to withdraw American troops from the country. Both were faced with opposition from the very military leaders they both chose to make up their Joint Chiefs of Staff. Former President George Bush has recently weighed in with his opinion, telling a reporter from the “Voice of America” that he believes that a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan is a mistake. President Trump was convinced to pull back on a complete withdrawal of American troops and planned to leave nearly 8000 troops in the country. I don’t think he wanted to but caved to pressure from his own military Generals. However, President Biden never wavered on his position that if elected President, he would remove America from Afghanistan. 

President Biden announced he will have concluded a complete drawdown of American troops by August 31. Miracles of miracles I agree with this President. Twenty years later and will someone please spell out for me what has been accomplished from the incredible sacrifice of our young Americans? Trillions of dollars have been spent, too many American lives lost or injured, and the people of Afghanistan are no closer to being able to fend for themselves now anymore than they were twenty years ago. The Taliban has already begun to regain strength in numbers and have retaken territories American forces had captured and held for years. I wonder if President Bush’s grandchildren were next in line to serve in Afghanistan if his opinion would be the same?

Kabul, the capital, will fall by the first of the year I predict. By the end of 2022 I believe Afghanistan will have returned to the same if not worse terrorist nation it was twenty years ago. I don’t believe that a recent argument being made by Republican leaders that the return of al Qaeda and ISIS to Afghanistan will “pave the way” to another 911 event in America. Personally I believe another 911 event in America is inevitable regardless of where America is stationing it’s troops. Americans are so busy fighting amongst ourselves that there really isn’t a need to attack us from within right now. We’re managing that all on our own without any outside influence. So where are all of these Afgan military and police men we have been training and preparing to take over when this day came when Americans pulled out? Running and hiding, surrendering without a fight, and joining the Taliban themselves. This entire event in history has been a carnival of over expectations and lies. Another war America didn’t win; remember Vietnam? 

I won’t apologize by saying that I believe if America is going to go all in, boots on the ground, trillions of taxpayers money spent, and willing to stay in the fray for years, that America keeps what Americans die to win. No more wars that are really nothing more than police actions where mostly Americans die in other countries while the rest of the world stands by and criticizes us for civilian slaughter. We fight, we win, we stay, we keep the spoils and establish our Capitalist government forever more. We don’t try to influence or deny any religions. If these in need countries want America’s military to intervene, sacrifice the ultimate sacrifice, and turn their upside down worlds right side up, then they will also have to forever accept our American way of life because when we win we stay. No more half baked efforts where America “works with” the current government so one day they can take the reigns. Nope, that ideal has proved itself over and over not to work. One of two things happens; no permanent success or a divided country is the aftermath. Divided countries that continue to threaten one another forever in the future. Don’t believe me? Look what China is setting the stage to do in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Russia in Ukraine. No sir; the rules are, the winner keeps the spoils and the loser finds themself another country to live.

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