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By Craig Hastings
How’s this headline for Halloween Scary? “Biden Warns Putin During Call; Disrupt Ransomware Groups Operating Out Of Russia!” Now; I’m sure Russian President Vladimir Putin is absolutely scared to death of such a statement from our own President Joe Biden. Of course I’m being sarcastic. Unfortunately some Americans will actually believe Biden has delivered a doomsday message to the Russian government. The very few viewers that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC news groups have left will believe the slanted reporting by these biased people and trust all is well in America tonight. Ol’ Joe has it under control. Sleep well America and trust that your electricity service isn’t interrupted at a time when you need it most. Why? Because Russian hackers have control of the cyber grid that filters power to your area of the country. But you thought Joe and Kamala had threatened to cave the faces in of Putin and his second in command, Dmitry Medvedev if they didn’t stop the cyber attacks? (Google this Medvedev guy and you tell me how this guy is scared of anyone)

Russia isn’t going to do anything that soft and frail President Biden might ask them to do or not to do. Me, I actually think that Putin is revelling at home due to the attention he is enjoying on the world stage toying with America and President Biden. Watch him. He just sits there in his chair content and confident displaying that same little smirk he has on his face since Donald Trump wasn’t re-elected. These will probably be the most enjoyable four years President Putin will serve unless…something happens to Joe and Kamala moves into The White House. Can any of you even imagine the chaos not only Russia will unleash but also China’s President Xi Jinping. While Americans continue to battle amongst ourselves trying to figure out which color of skin is the most and least racist, Russia and China will further maneuver their way to accomplishing world dominance. I’m not implying either will become a more mighty war machine than America either. Having the most powerful traditional military might is no longer a concern or need. What?

Nope. He/She who has the quickest key stroke following directions from the brightest and most brilliant men and women who understand the intricate Nano Cyber Security world will be the next world superpower. No planes, no tanks, no ships, no bombs, no brigades of men and women, just some casually dressed people in a room typing on keyboards and pushing some buttons. Best of all…proving where these debilitating signals are coming from. President Biden and his security team are just guessing that it’s the Russkies this time that unleashed a ransomware attack on approximately 200 worldwide companies. The group is demanding a payday of $70 million in bitcoin to restore the companies’ data. And, because at least one hacker speaks Russian, Joe figures it must surely be the entire Russian government that is responsible. Really Joe? Does anyone but you think Putin would make it so obvious? Sadly, probably you do. Or maybe Dr. Jill figured it all out and you’re simply relaying her findings to the American people.

So what needs to happen? America needs to have all hands on deck to learn and soak up the very best information that has anything to do with the cyber world. America needs to recruit by whatever necessary means the very best and brilliant people from all over the world to not only combat this newest threat to the world order but, to also launch our own attacks on those who dare attack us. Me, I think America needs to attack first. Attack before being attacked. Hold other world leaders’ feet to the fire with our own, “either you do that or we’ll do this.” No waiting. Full on proactive. There’s more to this problem than being discussed though.

So far those responsible for these cyber hacks are pretty easily being identified by those security forces of each country from where they occurred. But what happens, and it will, as the average person becomes able to hack into and steal or disrupt the cyber infrastructures of any country? As Joe sees things right now it’s this; you speak Russian with your demands, it’s Russia responsible for the attack. If you speak Chinese with your demands, it’s China responsible for the attack. Gee Joe, I guess the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are really not needed anymore since you’ve figured this cyber attack stuff out all on your own. I’ll go back to sleep now since you’ve got this and I feel safe again. Ugh!

America not to worry, I’ve got the fix for all of this and it’s a simple thing we can do. I propose we go back to typing and printing out hard copies to be put in file drawers of everything we need to record. When I need to talk to you about really important stuff I’ll call you on a non-recorded line and then I’ll see to it that I send you a letter in the mail that confirms everything we talked about. That letter will not be typed on a computer that stores the information in my letter. No, for that you will need to file my letter in a file cabinet drawer just as I will have to do also. Nothing important will be e-mailed or texted to anyone, anywhere if it has to do with our national security or the health of every American. (read, COVID-19!) Never, ever, ever will the infrastructure workings of America be controlled by a single computer network that can’t be overridden by simple human manipulation. The cyber part of the network will now be a matter of convenience but not necessity like it is now. The necessary part will be human hands on manipulation. Data? Store it on cards or paper that anyone can access if they are commanded to by their employer. No more stroke of a key on a keyboard and all the information is lost forever. Let’s put people back to work and while back at work let’s get them back to thinking for themselves in order to accomplish the task at hand. Whatever to have to make a simple change in a retail purchase!? Nope, not anymore. Whatever the case register/computer says is the change you are to receive, that’s what you get. That person behind the counter probably has no clue how to figure it out on their own. And why!? Because our society has let it be this way! We the People are being trained to not have to be trained!

I’m done with my rant. If you didn’t already figure out where I’ve gotten my fix for the problem; I got it from my own life experiences of living and working full time in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Life was good, people still had to think and think to learn, and the world was afraid to cross America and Americans. Remember, the simpler, the better.

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