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HumankindNESS-Lessons From Mom

By Jennifer Richardson
My mother is quite a woman. Some would say it would be hard to have enough socks to fill her shoes, and they would be correct. The older I become, the more I recognize the training she gave me. Some came from instruction, but most of what I learned from her has come from just from watching the way she lives her life. 

Here are just a few of the priceless lessons I have learned from mom.

It is better to lose the argument and keep the friend.

It is a miracle how much can be accomplished towards a school project in the hour before school starts.

It is better to provide a place for someone in need than to have an empty guest room.

People are worth your time.

Take care of your parents, they took care of you.

Some people are just awful, but speaking ill of them rarely accomplishes anything good.

It is quite possible to have your mother- in-law live in your home for 23 years, and love and cherish her till her last day she lives.

Hospitality is a muscle that should be  exercised on a regular basis.

If someone goes to the trouble to plan or host a family event, attend.

Serving others is not for isolated moments, it is how a life is built.

Children are a blessing.

This too shall pass.

Just get up and get started, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

Always have guests in your home, it encourages you to clean on a regular basis, and makes your home happier and filled with life.

Spaghetti feeds a crowd.

Children will make mistakes and miss the mark you set before them, forgive them, and meet them where they are to move forward.

Human beings are more important than any single choice they make, and you don’t abandon someone you love because they did something you disagree with.

You can change your attitude.

Marriage is good, and it helps if you don’t let the sun go down on your anger.

Guests around the dinner table should be a way of life.

Your spouse learns to see themselves through your eyes, so be sure to let your love and admiration for them shine.

No home is too small to have guests.

A new baby is always cause for celebration.

Learn to cook; it will help your finances, your family, your friends, and people in need.

Sit around a table with your children on a regular basis, this creates an amazing foundation for your family.

Create family traditions, they make memories.

There are things you should always do, and things you never do. And people should have no trouble understanding this simply by observing your life.

Do your work before you go play.

It is better if you do not receive everything you want.

Take time with each child.

Let your grown children choose the timing and frequency of their visits home; when they don’t feel pressured they look forward to time with their parents.

Let your kids use all your blankets and pillows to build a fort in the living room.

The foundation of a good marriage is commitment, not feelings.

Make choices because they are the right choice, not because others make them.

When kids are in conflict, a little housework works wonders.

Serve cake for special occasions.

Don’t waste the skills and talents you have, they are gifts, and gifts are meant to be given.

Thank you to my mom, for all she has said and done. I aspire to be like her.

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