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Class of 2021 awarded $82,350 during Honors Day

Tuscola Community High School students received $82,350 in the form of over 150 scholarships during the Class of 2021 Honors Day Ceremony on May 21, 2021. 

The awards, scholarships, and certificates distributed included: 

TEA Scholarships: Taylor Arends ($500) and Ashlyn Donnals ($500); Broc Winn Memorial Scholarship: Hans Goodmann ($1,000); Be Brave Scholarships: Marissa Russo ($750) and Tytus Rennert ($250); Marci Lietz Memorial Scholarship: Kali Pierce and Hope Dietrich ($500); Fidelis Crusader Scholarship: Hope Dietrich ($500); David Dietrich Senior Athlete Awards: Brynn Tabeling, Marissa Russo, and Grant Hardwick; David Dietrich Memorial Scholarship: Hope Dietrich ($850) and Ben Tiezzi ($850); Tuscola First Bank Scholarship: Clayton Hausmann ($750); 

Tuscola Community Foundation Scholarships: Ava Cothron ($1,000) and Hannah Hornaday ($500); Tuscola Community Foundation Cletcher-Wessale Scholarship: Kendyl Ring ($1,000) and Laney Cummings ($1,000); Tuscola Community Foundation Ray Wulliman Scholarship: Riya Patel ($500); TCF Tommy K. Martin Memorial Scholarship: Marissa Russo ($500); TCF Dr. Dana Mattix Scholarships: Alana Simms ($1,000) and Laney Cummings ($1,000); TCF Tuscola Educational Foundation Fund: Donovan Chester ($1,000); TCF Harley and Doris Helm Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Hornaday ($1,000); TCF Doug McCumber Family Scholarship: Braden Boyer ($1,000); Cabot Science Scholarship: Matthew Bennett ($500); Keli Adkisson Memorial Scholarship: Hans Goodmann ($500) and Nathan Koester ($500); FFA Alumni Scholarships: Taylor Griffet and Hans Goodmann ($2,000 total); First Mid-Illinois Bank Scholarship: Donovan Chester ($500); All-Pro Scholarship: Hans Goodmann ($500); 

Rotary Student of the Month Presentations: Hannah Hornaday, September; Kendal Morgan, October; Kaitlyn Reifsteck, November; Justine Kauffman, December; Madelyn Boyd, January; Rohan Patel, February; Hans Goodmann, March; Ruchi Patel, April; Laney Cummings, May; Rotary Scholarships: Hannah Hornaday ($500 – four years) and Justine Kauffman ($500 – four years); TNB Bank Scholarship; Donovan Chester ($750); Lions Club Awards: Justine Kauffman, Math; Kaitlyn Reifsteck, Science; Alana Simms, Foreign Language; T.K. Martin Military Grant: Austin Pittman ($1,000); T.K. Martin Education Scholarship: Dillan Alcorn ($500);

Tuscola Alumni Association Scholarships: Justine Kauffman ($500), Donovan Chester ($500), Riya Patel ($500), Dillan Alcorn ($500), and Hannah Hornaday ($500); 

Family of Ricardo & Mercedes Izquierdo Alumni Scholarship: Kendyl Ring ($500); ECCA Award: ECCA Student of the Year – Hans Goodmann, Industrial Tech; Joe and Sue Summerville Agriculture Scholarship: Donovan Chester ($1,500); George Barnett Nursing Scholarship: Ava Cothron ($500); Rutan Family Memorial Scholarship: Ruchi Patel ($500); Tuscola Moose Lodge 729 Scholarship: Matthew Bennett ($500); Tuscola Women of the Moose Chapter 1011 Scholarships: Hope Dietrich ($500) and Marissa Russo ($500); Wheels Car Club Scholarship: Grant Hardwick ($500);

Georgine McDonald Trust Charles and Maggie B. McDonald Scholarships: Riya Patel, Ruchi Patel, Donovan Chester, Kendyl Ring, Ben Tiezzi, Kaitlyn Reifsteck, Alyssa Brazzell, Paige Goad, Laney Cummings, Hope Dietrich, and Justine Kauffman ($9,900 total); Lenore Cletcher-Wessale Trust Scholarships: Riya Patel, Rohan Patel, Ruchi Patel, Hope Dietrich, Alyssa Brazzell, Paige Goad, and Laney Cummings ($19,250); Douglas County Republican Women: Alana Simms ($500); Masonic Lodge Scholarship: Braden Boyer ($500); Illinois State Scholars: Tyler Bialeschki, Laney Cummings, Hannah Hornaday, Justine Kauffman, Makenna Long, Riya Patel, Rohan Patel, Ruchi Patel, Andrew Penne, and Alana Simms;

William (Class of 1997) and Sharon Shiu (Class of 1963) Memorial Scholarships: Samantha Simpson ($750) and Dustin Hale ($750); 

DAR/SAR Good Citizens Awards: DAR – Hannah Hornaday, SAR – Ava Cothron; American Legion Post #27 School Awards: Hannah Hornaday and Austin Pittman; American Legion Post #27 – Wayne Meyer Memorial Scholarship: Cole Cunningham ($1,000); Kiwanis Scholarships: Kaitlyn Reifsteck ($1,000), Justine Kauffman ($1,000), Alana Simms ($1,000), and Marissa Russo ($1,000); Forty Martyrs – Bill and Irma West Scholarships: Taylor Arends ($500) and Laney Cummings ($500); FCCLA Scholarship: Kaitlyn Reifsteck ($200); William Butkovich Scholarship: Justine Kauffman ($500); TCHS Class of 1996 Scholarship: Rohan Patel ($500); Miss Tuscola Scholarship: Kali Pierce ($1,000); Sopha E. Heil Scholarship: Taylor Arends ($500); National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: Jessica Martin ($500); Gay Straight Alliance Booster Club: Alyssa Brazzell ($500);

Douglas County Health Warriors Scholarship: Marissa Russo ($600); GFWC Tuscola Woman’s Club Juniorette Scholarship: Justine Kauffman ($1,000); Alta M. Babb Scholarship: Hannah Hornaday ($1,000) and Makenna Long ($1,000); Farm Credit Illinois 2021 Agricultural Scholarship: Donovan Chester ($2,000); Medicom World Class Scholarship: Ruchi Patel ($1,000); and the Senior Improvement Scholarship will be awarded once all grades are finished. 

Senior Department Awards: Ag – Taylor Griffet and Hans Goodman, Art – Mady Boyd, Business – Tyler Bialeschski, Computers – Dillan Alcorn, English – Andrew Penne, History – Makenna Long, Math – Riya Patel, Science – Alana Simms, Spanish – Hannah Hornaday; Perfect Attendance Awards: Taylor Arends, Trystn Arnold-Parga, Christopher Atwater, Austin Cummings, Brayden Gough, Riley Nolan, Ruchi Patel, Andrew Penne, and Michelle Reese.

Awards previously announced in the school year include: 

Central Illinois Conference Student Athlete Awards: Hans Goodmann ($100) and Hannah Hornaday ($100); Illinois Principal’s Student Recognition: Hans Goodmann and Hannah Hornday; 2020-2021 Choral Awards: Justine Kauffman – National Choral Award, Raeanna Boyer – Best Overall Freshman, Kaleb Jeffers – Best Overall Sophomore, Caleb Haste – Best Overall Junior; Outstanding Band Awards: Catie Gibson – Outstanding Freshman, Grant Kauffman – Outstanding Sophomore, Caleb Haste – Outstanding Junior, Justine Kauffman – John Philip Sousa Award (Outstanding Senior); American Legion Youth Police Academy Nominee: Jenessa Sylvester; and Rotary Literary Essay Contest Winner: Jenessa Sylvester.

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