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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Confession night. Over the past say ten years or so I’ve become quite the space geek. That includes the whole alien possibility and for sure a believer that’s it time to pioneer some new land. (Mars) I subscribe to The Disney Channel so along with The Avengers and Star Wars series I love, I also get to surf through The National Geographic documentaries. There are many videos of a variety of earth and space related topics. The exploration of Mars is a hot one right now and one of which I have a great interest. You do know there is currently a Mars rover moving about the surface of Mars? I’m following all the updates and it’s amazing to me to see the pictures coming back to us of the Mars surface. It seems apparent to scientists that there was once and still may be water on Mars. And of course if there is or was water on Mars there will have in all probability been some form of life living in and maybe even around those bodies of water. If you believe the steps (days) taken to create our own little blip of a planet in our vast universe, then why couldn’t have our own God or someone else’s, put their own creative ability on another one of the planets? (Mars) Surely God wouldn’t reach out and create life on just one planet when there are an infinite number of little round dirt clods floating around all over space.

“Yes Craig but remember, our earth cloud includes everything just right and all of that just right stuff is positioned in all the right places. The sun, the moon, the atmosphere, magnetic field, etc.” “Maybe none of the other dirt clods floating in space have what we have that’s needed to support life” Uhh…if you believe in God and most things biblically recorded, then all of these “just right” things would also have been the responsibility of God too right? I think so. Hey, the only point I’m wanting to make here is that life surely does exist in an infinite number of other places in an infinite number of other universes. I think probably even in our universe on many other planets. So far I don’t think there is any reason to be afraid of being wiped out either. If another alien race has the ability to scurry around in our skies in their little circular disks and in Russia’s case, cigar shaped vehicles, don’t you think they are plenty far enough advanced to wipe us out now? Yeah, they would be. So for now, carry on with eyes forward and not up.

More confessions. I don’t believe a ginormous rock penetrated our atmosphere and in a one in a billion chance struck earth. This then caused enough dust to be raised into the air to block out the sunlight long enough to kill off most of the plant life, that in turn killed off the dinosaurs that ate those plants, that in turn because the herbivores died, the carnivores that ate the herbivorous then died too. The conclusion; all the animals on land died. Science progressed from my 1960’s school taught education of all of the animals dying to the 1980’s rethink of the possibility that some waterborne life survived. Okay, then what happened next? A theory. (my own) One day a few starfish, a herd of seahorses, a school of jellyfish, and twenty pounds of coral reef got together and decided they were tired of living in the water and being wet all the time. So they encroached onto the land where only plants had lived and they were determined to survive. It took a bunch of life and death sacrifice of these species of sea creatures. Many died over the next few million years as they adapted and morphed into land creatures. However, I don’t think humans evolved from the sea creature to ape mutation, nope. One of these sea creatures did become a monkey but that’s where all the mutating stopped. So if I were to believe the rock hits the earth story then I also believe all of the evolution of these to those stopped with a monkey. It would have been at this point God stepped in and deposited Adam, Eve, and one snake on earth and they all lived by a single apple tree.

So is it at this point of my story that all you think I have truly lost my mind?! Of course all of that last paragraph is my own banter of how life on earth moved from plants to people. I do believe there is indeed intelligent life other than our own both superior and inferior. I do believe earth has been and still is a destination by more than one other species of life and one of those may even be an extremely more advanced form of us. Why humans? Because we are all children at least once and maybe that’s all we’ve been for a million years on earth. Only other humans would know exactly when to intervene when we go astray and do it subtly and without alarming us. I do believe in God, a creator. But why are we all scared to die? Because as much as we want to believe in life after death and that any afterlife is grand and forever, none of us are absolutely sure so we want to stay healthy and live as long as possible right here on earth. I think we are not too far away from learning the truth about other life. Several world governments have the evidence to prove we are not alone in the universe and I think a gradual reveal has already begun. Information has been trickling out this past year and making on the evening news. We simpletons are being tested to see how much of this new information we can handle without becoming panicked. 

Now comes my stretch of all of what’s being told to us. Why now is secret government information becoming public. Why have all of the other governments in the world that have information about alien life also kept the information secret in concert with one another for all of these years? Here’s my stretch; maybe because everyone of them were given consequences for revealing it too soon? Maybe it’s now that the reveal has started because we are being prepared for something of a much grander scale? Why have no other nuclear weapons ever been used in a war by any country since those exploded in Japan? Why are every other country in the world so opposed to Iran having nuclear weapons? How did it happen that every country with nuclear weapon launch sites have had some of their launch sites taken off line with no explanation as to how? Why is it that recently our own Air Force has been reporting more frequent than usual sightings of UFOs in the skies where nuclear weapons are located? Not a rumor, fact. Finally, why so sudden that earth becomes green through wind, water, and sun and the closing of nuclear power plants on an upswing. Japan had their largest nuclear power plant (Fukushima Daiichi) closed by mother nature. Russia had one explode (Chernobyl) and destroyed never to be replaced by new nuclear power. American has had our own close call and closure at Three Mile Island. Were these a nudge? Just announced New York (Indian Point) will be shutting one down by the end of the year. Nuclear power used for anything is dangerous and as uncontrollable as mother nature herself. I believe it needs to go, aliens or not. If the aliens are behind this plan…go aliens! LOL! And maybe you should take a peek at the night sky once in a while! If you see anything unusual, call me!

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