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By Craig Hastings
Oh boy, our very own President Joe Biden and John, “I only fly private” Kerry convened a virtual climate change summit last week. Remember a short four years ago then President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord. As with most “World” organizations, pacts, togetherness teams, snuggle groups, slumber parties, etc., that the United States becomes a member, we quickly are taken advantage of. So, the American taxpayers continue to pay into the schemes that benefit everyone but us because our own Presidents are either afraid too, embarrassed too, or both to simply say to these world thieves; we’re done, we’re out, good luck, call us when you learn to share. This Paris Climate Accord has to be the worst deals made in America’s history! We have John Kerry to credit with this one. Probably, this Kerry calamity cost us more American jobs than any other “World” agreement we were ever stroked into believing that everyone was playing fair with us.

The Obama Administration tapped John Kerry for whatever reason to lead the United State’s “Mr. Clean Team” in negotiations with the United Nations member countries in an effort to hammer out a global initiative to lower greenhouse gases worldwide. Why? Well, there are debating scientists out there that pretend they know God’s intention with our earth’s future and they believe they can delay the inevitable by a few thousand years if they can somehow first prove that global warming is real, and second, force the people on earth to change the process of how we manufacture everything, discard our trash, propel our transportation vehicles, warm our homes, and figure out how to get our cows to stop passing gas. Yep, New York Representative A.O.C. came up with that one as part of her Green New Deal proposal.

So ol’ Joe and Johnny decided to get back in the Paris Climate Accord only because Trump got us out I think, and last week was the first meeting of the members; by Zoom I guess. Why virtual? Because COVID-19 is lurking around every corner, under every blade of grass, and disguised as cotton in every cloud in the sky making travel dangerous! Wait! But not in John Kerry’s private jet that zips him all around the world taking him to the battlefields where the war on carbon dioxide is fought! Yep, your President is telling you to buy an electric car to replace your paid for gasoline carbon dioxide emitter. If you can’t afford the car, buy an electric scooter for god’s sake. Just quit burning gasoline! Oops! Mr. Kerry did you know your plane burns gasoline in order to fly!? Average citizen, your car will emit about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year. Meanwhile, flying high in the sky, Mr. Kerry is emitting 116 metric tons of carbon dioxide in his luxurious private jet on his way to save the world from…carbon dioxide! From the airport he lands he will ride in a limousine that will average some of the worst miles per gallon data on earth! Yeah, I believe what this clown has to say about climate control!

Trump got us out of this mess because China never did a damn thing to hold up their end of the deal. While the United States burdened the cost of emissions reductions on our manufacturing businesses because of this deal, China continued on without change. And because China’s President Xi Jinping was and still is a tad more brilliant than our own President Obama, Xi coaxed American manufacturers to his China with the promise of much less stringent emissions regulations (about none), cheaper labor, and cheaper transportation of product to shelf costs. Holly s—! What a deal this was so jobs left America by the tens of thousands! Trump had brought many thousands back and was on a course to bring most all of them back. But guess what? Obama did get America to an all time carbon dioxide emissions low. The price was too high guys. You lost to China…again.

Xi Jinping had to be laughing once again at these clowns last week as Biden and Kerry sat at their little virtual Zoom monitor promising even lower emissions goals here in the States. Xi is not going to do anything different than he is now. It disgusts the heck out of me that any Americans would have a sit down with this murdering dictator. He ‘s one of the worst civil rights violators the world has ever known but, our very own President will sit down and break bread with the devil himself. “Promise me you’ll help clean the air up Xi and I’ll ignore the human organ harvesting, murdering, suppression of an entire race, take over of our NBA, and the fact that you’re trying your best to take over the rest of the world’s economies including ours,” says President Biden! All in the name of cleaner air, right? By the way Xi, have you seen LeBron around your palace anywhere today?

My fellow Americans, we’re in a heap of trouble! Our America is on the verge of race riots, dismantling of all police departments, monopolized big technology companies deciding all of our politics, China and Russia both maneuvering war materials and personnel into strategic locations now that the threat of Trump is gone, and Democrats are on the cusp of politicizing the Supreme Court. Think about this; if talks of war with the United States become serious and in the room shuffles Biden, Kamala Harris, and Antony Blinken representing the United States. You tell me how you manage to keep a straight face without bursting into laughter? Tell me!

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