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Foltz breaks pole vault record at Mayo track meet

By Kendra Hennis
The East Prairie girls track team competed on April 13 at Mayo Middle School in Paris. The seventh grade girls received first place in the meet, Paris Mayo received second with 43, and Paris Crestwood had 32.

Seventh Grade
Reese Davis won the 100-meter dash, along with teammates Amaryiah Banda came in second, Deondra Cook in third, and Phoebe Wilkins in fourth. In the 200-meter dash, Chloe Bowden took first place, Chloe Fowler in fourth, Jazmine West in sixth, and Deondra Cook in eighth. Bayleigh Taylor claimed fourth place in the 400-meter dash. Kate Foltz took gold in the 800-meter dash, Kali Fonner came in fourth, and Lilly Kurtz claimed fifth. Foltz additionally won first place in the 1600-meter dash. Kali Fonner claimed gold in the 4×100 and Phoebe Wilkins won first in the 4×200 as well third in the 4×400. 

In the field, Kate Foltz took home first place and a new school record with her eight foot three inch jump. Bella Taylor won discus and teammate Lidia Manzella claimed third place. In shot put, Bella Taylor claimed gold along with Lidia Manzella in third. Jazmine West won second in long jump, followed closely by Reese Davis in second. In high jump, Chloe Fowler claimed second, Lilly Kurtz won third, and Jazmine West came in fifth. 

Eighth Grade
The eighth grade girls also took home the gold with 64 points, Paris Mayo scored 25, and Crestwood had 23. In the 100-meter dash, Kenna Clodfelder received first place and Ava Boyer finished in second. Belle Notaro was awarded second place in the 200-meter dash as well as Carly Ochs in third and Isabelle Sturts in fifth. Rylie Vanausdoll took first in the 800-meter dash and teammate Adrina Simmons joined her in second at the event. The 4×100 team of Taylor Gordon, Adrina Simmons, Olivia Wallace, and Belle Notaro took first place as well as the 4×200 team of Carly Ochs, Ava Boyer, Rylie Vanausdoll, and Kenna Clodfelder. Additionally, the team of Ava Boyer, Adrina Simmons, Kenna Clodfelder, and Rylie Vanausdoll won the 4×400 event. 

On the field side, Olivia Wallace took first place in hurdles and discus, and Taylor Gordon won shot put. Kenna Clodfelder came in second place in long jump, along with teammates Belle Notaro in third, Taylor Gordon in fourth, and Ava Boyer in fifth.

Coach Beth Pugh said, “the girls have been working hard and were excited to have a track and field meet. They worked hard and received some first place finishes. Kate Foltz was able to pole vault and placed first and set our school record.”

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