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Votes are in for Consolidated Election in Douglas County

Wade Wilcox; Winner –
Tuscola BOE Seat Ward 4


Matt Pangburn; Winner – VG City Council Ward 1 Alderman

By Kendra Hennis 
With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, the votes are in for the 2021 Consolidated Election in Douglas County.

In the Tuscola Board of Education election, James (Wade) Wilcox claimed 35 percent of the vote, and the seat for Ward 1. Incumbent Jessi Young was also voted to keep her seat. Write-in candidate Levi Miller will also join the board from Ward 4.

All City Officials ran unopposed and were voted to keep their seats. Those include, Mayor Dan Kleiss; City Clerk Elizabeth Leamon; Ward 1 Alderman Alan Shoemaker; Ward 1 Alderman Juanita Brace; Ward 2 Alderman Scott Day; Ward 3 Alderman Troy Rund; Ward 4 Alderman Tim Hoey; and Ward 4 Alderman Michael Morris. 

Also reclaiming their positions are Tuscola Township Supervisor Stephen Hilgendorf; Tuscola Township Supervisor Barbara Alexander; Tuscola Township Assessor Laura VanCleave; Tuscola Township Highway Commissioner Danny Cleland; Tuscola Township Trustees David Lecher, Randy Hastings, Darlene Wiesener, and Holly Pflum.

Villa Grove
Remaining in their seats in Villa Grove are Mayor Cassandra Eversole-Gunter; City Clerk Michelle Osborne; Ward 1 Alderman Matthew Pangburn; Ward 2 Alderman Kerry Cheely; Ward 3 Alderman Thelma “Boots” Blaney; and Board of Education members Carisa Jones and Charles Mitsdarfer. 

Winners include Village Clerk Village President Bart Dann; Clerk Salisa Dann; Full-Term Trustees Laura Miller, Gary Gilpin, and Jeane Breiland, Two Year Trustee Jim Lansford; Township Supervisor Kent Elam; Highway Commissioner James (Frank) Miller; Township Clerk Deborah Cox; Trustees Richard Crouse, Peter Eisenmenger, Bernice Mitchell, and James Bragg; and Library District Trustee Amy Rose and Mary Hildreth. 

Jesus Garza was elected the new mayor of Arcola. Other winners include Ward 1 Alderman Jose Becerra; City Clerk Carol Turner; Treasurer Rita Anderson; Ward 2 Alderman James Hensley; Township Supervisor John “Corky” Clark; Township Clerk Zachary Doemelt; Assessor Melissa Petrie; Highway Commissioner Mark Nacke; Trustees Adlai “Butch” Mast, Gary Sentel, Robert “Butch” Clark, and Dale Knowles; Board of Education members Sue Stout and Lucas Shonkwiler; and Library District Trustees Lynda Fishel, Deborah Sosamon, Allen Yoder, and Mark Eadie. 

Elected officials include Village President Rod Randall; Clerk Rhonda Rhodes; Full-Term Trustees David Tiffan, H. Michael Hilgenberg, and Jim Fleming; Two-Year Trustee Matt Bernius; Two Year-Term Park District Commissioner Mark Krutsinger; Full-Term Park District Commissioners Danny Miller and Kevin Strong; Public Library District Trustees John Stewart and Stevi Stutzman; Board of Education Members Kristie Mechling, Suzanne Berkich, and Ryan Nettles. 

Elected officials in the Village of Atwood include Village President Bill Fleming; Clerk in Nancy Wierman; Full-Term Trustees Allen Kibler and Scott Harris; Two-Year Trustee Ronald Wallace; Public Library District Trustees Catherine Adcock, Amanda Barbee, and Lynsey Herring; Supervisor Kevin Duffle, and Fire Protection District Trustee Travis Tiffan. 

Allyson Wise was elected Bowdre Township Clerk. Other elected officials include Highway Commissioner James Hendrix; and Trustees Garrett Stenger, Scott Warfel, Steve Prosser, and Ryan Albin.

Elected officials in Bourbon included Township Supervisor Terry Ferchow; Township Clerk Jodi Clayon; Assessor Mary Kingery; Highway Commissioner Steve Helton; and Trustees Michael Kingery, Daryl Earnst, Joe Gingerich, and Ervin Crist.


Rocky Warner was elected Garrett Village President. Other winners include Full-Term Trustees Carol Hardig and Donald Issler; Two-Year Trustee Eli Stutzman; Township Supervisor Gary Appleby; Township Clerk Mary Appleby; Assessor Allen Romine; Highway Commissioner Ed Swisher; Trustees Matthew Perkins, Howard Kamm, Curtis Harshbarger, and David Stumeier. 

Elected officials in the Village of Hindsboro included Village President Kent Douglas; Village Clerk Danielle Duck; Trustees David Coleman, Nancy Hendrix, and Jane Roe. 

Dennis Kibler was elected Newman City Mayor. Other elected officials include City Clerk Judy VanSickle; Ward 1 Alderman Wade Hales; Ward 2 Alderman Brandiss Wills; Ward 3 Alderman Richard Dorsett; Township Clerk Dianne Kincaid; Township Supervisor Susan Nichols; Highway Commissioner Joe Bush; Trustees Jason Bosch, Sheila Baxter, Mark Fraser, and Felicity Albin; Regional Library Trustees Bill Benner and Ben Watson; Four-Year Term Library Trustees Kim McGee and Glenna White

Elected officials in Murdock include Township Supervisor Diana Wyant; Township Clerk Tyler Harvey; Highway Commissioner William Deckard; Trustees Alen Bender, David Boyd, William Smith, and Jessie Wyant

Elected officials in Sargent Township include Supervisor Rich Holm; Clerk Christina Henry; Highway Commissioner John Henry; Trustees Charly Anderson, Tammy Hemrich, James Hopper, Marilyn Myers. 

Neal Wood was voted the Multi-Town Assessor for Murdock, Newman, Bowdre, and Sargeant Townships. 

John Lannon, Courtney Montgomery, James Lubben, and Curt Elmore were elected to the Heritage CUSD Board of Education. 

Ashlie Lee, Niki Stark, and Nic Turner were elected to the Oakland CUSD Board of Education. 

Tara Barrett-Duzan, Renee Henry, and Aaron Richardson were elected to the Shiloh CUSD Board of Education. Kyley Willison was elected to join the Oakland Fire Protection District Trustee. 

In Tuscola, James Voyles and Maureen Banks led for the Parkland Community College District 505 Trustee for the Fall Term. Timothy (Tim) Johnson led for the Parkland Community College District 505 Trustee for a two-year term. 

Thomas Wright and Gary Cadwell led for the Lake Land College District 517 Trustee. 

James Niewold, Jeffrey Kern, and Deloris Henry led for the Regional Board of School Trustees for Champaign and Ford Counties. 

James Young and Alan Zuber led in the election for the Regional Board of School Trustees for Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Moultrie, and Shelby Counties.

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