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By Craig Hastings
Some wonder, should the presidential election take place next Tuesday would the November 2020 outcome be the same? Of course it wouldn’t. Not that Donald Trump was the best replacement for himself but at least he knows where he’s at every day. The Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris ticket could have and should have been able to be beaten by any other two candidates. Even prominent DC Democrats can’t help but wince in embarrassment with the policies rolled out by the Biden administration. Pelosi; all quiet. Schumer; an occasional whisper about nothing important. Adam Schiff; not a peep. These three stooges had raced for every microphone MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC dared set up in the Capitol even if only to talk about the weather outside. No, this past election had just one goal for Democrats in Washington DC and that was to defeat Donald Trump however that might be accomplished. If that meant putting an old guy with a failing memory, poor judgement, and a son alleged to have committed drug and weapons crimes, so be it. The plan to front a democratic candidate with fifty years of DC employment was their only hope. I remind you that I said right here in this column after the 2016 election that had the Democrats run Biden instead of Clinton, Biden would have beaten Trump back then.

Right now tonight as I write this I’ve not figured out the underlying plan of the Democrats in Washington. Are the Democrats intentionally allowing Joe Biden to throw all of these self destructive executive orders out there so he will fail? Do they want the voters screaming for his removal mid stream in his four year term? President Biden has in just ninety days walked back most every election promise he had made. Look at the damage this guy has already caused. Keystone Pipeline project; gone. Iran Nuclear Deal; sanctions being lifted and talks restarted. First meeting with China over trade deals; the Chinese delegation kicked our butts right out of the room. Trump’s doubted but proven effective border wall; stopped dead in its tracks, materials already paid for, labor contract obligations must be paid anyway, and…it proved to be effective! And finally, one of the worst humanitarian blunders by any President in America’s history. President Biden encouraged immigrants in South America to travel here without fear of deportation. So now tens of thousands of children are stacked on top of each other in makeshift containment centers scattered about regions of our southern border. And while the under staffed border patrol agents are tasked with chasing kids and some adults around the desert at night; drug courriors, sex trafficers, and vicious gang members avoid being captured.

These children are sick, starved, scared, alone, and reports of rape and sexual assult occur routinely. And not only while on their way here and while in another country but, it’s still occurring while these children are in our custody in The United States! Caught off guard two weeks ago and when pressed about the crisis at the border, President Biden blurted out to the press that he was assigning Vice President Harris to head up a task force to fix the immigration disaster at the border. And what was our Vice President’s response? She laughed at a reporter’s question of when she might be visiting the border to assess the situation! Laughed! A day later she let President Biden know that she wouldn’t be doing as ordered by him because she had too much on her plate. She sure did have too much on her plate; she was visiting the Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago and loading her plate with free Easter candies to gorge herself along with her staff! WTH! I wonder if she sent any of that candy south to the border where some of the children down there starving for anything to eat might enjoy? Of course the answer is “hell no” she didn’t. Remember all the extremely expensive and extravagant ice cream Nancy Pelosi bragged on and displayed from her freezer for all of us to see during the initial stages of the pandemic? Would Nancy share with the border children that are just a short drive from her gated community, again, hell no! All for me, none for you, sorry but just another unwritten executive order from the Biden Administration; keep all that’s good for themself and keep all that’s good from everyone else.

So what’s going on? Is Joe being set up to fail in order to be recalled or is Joe being allowed to make all of these bad decisions now so later on Democrats can blame his failing health? Either way it has been the plan from his nomination; elect only his name with a plan to later remove his person just to get rid of Trump. Anything to get rid of Trump. Of course every Democrat including his wife knew Joe wasn’t up to the task of being President. But it was okay because Obama would stand in behind the curtain and call the shots should a national crisis of war or trade take place before the Party retired Ol’ Joe. Of course I don’t believe for a second that Kamala Harris is being groomed to be the next President either. She may have to stand in as President for a couple of years but she will not be in charge. I’m guessing she will be told who to appoint as her Vice President and maybe that person will be the next Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

I think we can all agree that Donald Trump and Kamala Harris will not be the two nominees in the 2024 election for President. I think we can all probably agree that whoever and whichever party takes the reins in 2024 will lead America back to being the most revered country in the world. Let us pray that a bi partisian government made up of men and women will once again rule the day and Americans will never again burn down our own cities in terrorist like acts. Can we just get past these next four years without completely imploding and warring with one another? Please?

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