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Holding It All Together – I Can See May Is Almost Here

By Amy McCollom

I can see May is almost here. I have noticed flowering trees, leaves on bushes, insects flying around outside, and I even saw a small snake. 

Well, as some of you have seen on my Facebook posts, it wasn’t a real snake. I came out of Walmart, and steered my cart around what appeared to be a small dark snake lying on the ground in the parking lot. I put my groceries in the van, then went back to snap a picture of the snake to show my daughter, Portia, because she likes things like that. 

I couldn’t focus my eyes tight enough to see a head on that thing. It didn’t move, so I figured it was dead, but it had the telltale diamond weave pattern on it’s back, and skinny tail, so I took a couple more pictures and stood up to get my balance.  I realized the car parked next to me had someone in it, and I didn’t want them thinking I was doing something to their tire, so I went up to the driver and motioned I wanted to talk. A nice woman rolled down the window and I explained what I was doing, and she started laughing. Apparently, the so-called snake I had taken pictures of was a braid out of someone’s hair weave that had fallen out. But not being familiar with weaves and fake hair and things, I just thought it looked like a snake. We both laughed and the awkwardness and our laughter diminished into the wind, which had probably caused the braid to dislodge in the first place. 

A day later I drove down Hayes Rd. on my way to Tuscola, and the wide open fields and blue sky were simply beautiful. I have seen so many different kinds of animals along that road, from coyotes to deer to giant hawks to pheasants to bobcats; I had my eyes peeled, half expecting maybe even hoping to see an animal. 

Off in the distance I spotted a small brown creature running as fast as it’s little legs could carry it across the field. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it looked smallish like a dog, but thick, like maybe a fat groundhog. That couldn’t be a bear cub, could it? I did hear that bears were spotted in some parts of Illinois. I was too curious, so I pulled over to watch and wait for it to get closer.

The poor little thing, at times it ran so fast it fell over it’s own feet, tumbling on top of itself. But still it got up and kept going. It was galloping, galloping, fighting against the wind and open field and finally it got so close I could see it! It was the cutest little brown garbage bag I had ever seen. Well that was disappointing. I just spent 10 minutes watching a garbage bag blow across a field in hopeful adoration. What a let-down. Was I going crazy, blind, senile, all of the above? I need to get out more.

So on to Tuscola, only to be disappointed again when time after time I pulled up in front of what I thought were garage sales, only to realize the signs in the yard were political signs. I hate voting season. It shouldn’t be allowed during garage sale season. 

The truth is, I can see it is almost May because that is when I go visit Dr. Steve Leon, my eye doctor. And that is about all I can see clearly at the moment. It might be time to start looking into getting one of those Seeing Eye Monkeys, but I will have to wait until I get some new glasses. I need to see what I’m getting into. Read the fine print. I wouldn’t want to end up with a regular Sea Monkey. 

I can see some of us are getting old faster than others. As long as we keep our sense of humor and love for life, we don’t have to be perfect to be happy.  And I guess as long as we can still find our way home at the end of the day without causing too much damage then we are all right too.

Change is inevitable; how we react to it is a choice. No matter what we are going through, there is probably a humorous side to it if we look for it. Laughing at our mistakes will make us feel better. I hope you see what I mean and I made my point clear. If not, email me and I can recommend a good eye doctor, mine. Maybe he knows.

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