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EP Middle School hosts first meet in two years; shatters school records

By Kendra Hennis 
Seventh Grade
East Prairie Middle School held the first track meet the school has seen in two years on March 27. The seventh grade team came in first place at the meet with 71 points, followed by Judah Christian and Villa Grove with 22, and St. Joseph with 18. 

Chloe Bowen led the 100-meter dash with a .14.98 time, Phoebe Wilkins followed in .15.42 and Chloe Fowler with .15.71. Reese Davis led the pack of 400-meter race runners with a 01:21.60, followed by Phoebe Wilkins in third with a 01:27.91 and Chloe Bowden in fifth with a 01:27.91. Kate Foltz took home the gold in the 800-meter run with a time of 02:52.37 followed by Lily Kurtz in second with 03:22.08. Kate Foltz completed the 1600-meter run in first place with a time of 06:05.93. In the 4×100, Jazmine West crushed the competition with a 01:06.43. Phoebe Wilkins won the 4×200 race in a time of 02:16.22. 

On the field side, Bella Taylor took the gold in discus with a 56 foot 11 inch throw followed by Lidia Manzella with a 45 foot five inch throw. Jazmine West took second in long jump with a ten foot five inch jump. In high jump, Chloe Fowler took first with a three foot 6 inch jump.

Eighth Grade
There was just as much success on the eighth grade side, with the Tuscola girls also taking home the gold. Tuscola won the meet with 94 points, Villa Grove took second with 27, and St. Joseph finished with 20. 

Lia Patterson broke numerous school records at the meet on March 27, beginning with a first place win in the 100-meter dash with a time of 00:12.96. Kenna Clodfelder took second in 00:14.06, Ava Boyer took third in 00:14.50, and Carly Ochs in fourth in 00:14.98. Additionally, Lia Patterson broke the school record in the 200-meter dash with a time of 00:26.82. Kenna Clodfelder followed in second with a 00:30.35, Ava Boyer came in fourth in 00:31.84, Carly Ochs in fifth in 00.32:66 and Belle Notaro in sixth in 00:33.31. Rylie Vanausdoll claimed victory in the 800-meter dash with a time of 02:56.09, followed by Adreina Simmons in second in 02:58.12. Rylie Vanausoll additionally took second in the 1600-meter run with a 06:04.21. Lia Patterson broke a third school record during 100-hurdle dash with a 00:15.80 time. Ayla Deleva also competed in the race and received third place with a time of 00:23.29. Olivia Wallace took gold in the 4×100 with a 01:05.53 as well as Belle Notaro in the 4×100 with a 02:06.48. 

Over in field, Rylie Vanausdoll won first with a four foot six inch jump in long jump. Lia Patterson claimed first place in high jump with a 14 foot 5.50 inch jump. Ava Boyer additionally took fifth in the event with an 11 foot eight inch jump and Belle Notaro followed in sixth with an 11 foot .50 inch jump. Olivia Wallace took third in discus with 53 foot 5 inch throw, Taylor Gordon trailed in fifth with a 46 inch 4 inch throw, and Ayla Deleva followed in seventh with a 40 foot two inch throw. In shot put, Ayla Deleva claimed third with a 22 inch seven inch throw, Taylor Gordon followed in fourth with a 22 foot three inch throw and Olivia Wallace took fifth with a 19 foot eight inch throw. 

Girls track coach Beth Pugh said, “ It was a great day for a track meet. It was the first track meet in two years. Every track participant gave great effort. East Prairie track coaches want to thank all the volunteers that made the meet such a success.”

“Congratulations to Lia Patterson for setting three new school records in the 100-meter-dash in 12.96, 100-meter hurdles in 15.80 and the 200-meter dash 26.82.I think these girls will set many personal records throughout the year. They are really hard workers and such a fun group to work with.”

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