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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
So just when you thought no President could be his own worst enemy more than President Trump can be; follow along with President Biden as he drifted in and out of reality over the past 72 hours!  Over the course of 72 hours President Biden has angered Russia’s President Putin by calling him “a killer”. For making this statement the Russian ex KGB agent has recalled his ambassador home and now we wait for Putin’s next move.  Next, President Biden’s freshman National Security Team representing the United States in their first talks with China’s equals in Alaska, were promptly kicked out of the debate sandbox with tears in their eyes by the Chinese delegation. And finally Ol’ Joe referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris” in a press briefing Thursday as he continued to attempt to persuade Americans into believing he himself is responsible for the COVID vaccine success story and not the Trump Administration. Easy Joe, Kamala’s crown will come soon enough and I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be leaking the news just yet.  The Democratic Party has to lay out a progressively declining health related scenario relating to you before she takes the helm.  Just to be clear Joe, I personally hope you stand, or sit, your ground and stay the four years you were elected, not expected, to serve.

Back to the China vs America first meeting since the Biden victory.  It seems even the cold environment of Anchorage Alaska couldn’t quell the heated debate between the officials of both countries.  It’s anyone’s guess the how but, it appeared the Chinese delegation was well aware of what the American delegation was going to fire at them across the table separating them.  Secretary of State, Antony Blinken and his team went right at the Chinese with the usual “Human rights violations” and equally old, “Back off of the Hong Kong population” agenda topics.  Why?  Because the rest of the world expects the U.S. to call China out in an attempt to embarrass and shame China.  What!?  China?  The same China that unleashed a deadly virus into the populations of the rest of the world and then accused America?!  Of course to cover themselves they also killed a few hundred thousand of their own insignificant populations with the virus.  

I think the Biden Administration and the puppeteers that control them behind the curtain actually believed that dealing with world powers this time around would be the same ol same ol as forever before.  Well before the Trump Administration anyway.  Secretary of State, Blinken and his team were unprepared for the train that rolled right over them without so much a punch back.  Come on! Look at this Blinken guy for a minute and his equally as weak right hand man, Jake Sullivan!  If you’re going to negotiate and demand from the likes of China and Russia representatives you better walk into the room with brains and brawn!  This is what these countries understand and respect.  I can only imagine what the mood in the room was like when Trump’s guys, Mike Pompeo and one of his backups, David Urban entered the room together during equal events with world leaders!  Those guys scare the hell out of me and I’ve only seen them on television!  Does this matter?  You better believe it matters when the room is full of male testosterone in overdrive!  Biden’s guys expected a two day hand shake, smiles all around, and a return back to Washington with tough talk about how they put China in their place.

Didn’t happen.  Biden’s team returned to Washington with tails between their legs and scrambling for excuses as to why they got beat up.  This is where Trump shined.  Trump’s team went into these meetings fully ready to get up and walk out if negotiations turned to turds.  However, before they walked out they swore to make good on any threats and hardships they laid out even before negotiations were underway.  Prepare, prepare, prepare!  All of you Trump haters, hate away but, President Trump shook up the world order like no other president since Ronald Regan had.  The time lapse of government between these two guys was nothing but pomp and stance, suits and evening gowns, lobster and caviar, Rolls Royce and Lamboraghini, bling and money.  Everything you and I are not.  But Donald Trump was all of these things even before he was president.  So why did he almost ruin his own family and fortune to change how and where America would do business?  I really don’t have an answer to that question.

Some might argue that Donald Trump’s ego is bigger than his wealth and he needed more.  More popularity and more money.  If so he failed at both.  So, now America has Joe.  Joe always wanted his turn just as did Hilary.  Had Joe gone first and Hilary second, probably the Democrats could have pulled off another sixteen years of White House occupation.  I believe they could have.  I stated right here, right after the election that I wanted President Biden to succeed.  I still do.  I don’t want extreme leftist democrats to push him aside.  The media call these people extreme leftists.  I believe them to be freshmen socialists and separatists from the Democratic Party.  But they can’t win by calling themselves anything but Democrats right now.  Their agenda is dangerous to the republic.  They intend a complete dissolution of our Constitution. The Constitution will be replaced by their own draft that will include one party rule and government funded existence of the lower class.  You know…stimulus checks.  How better to win over those you rule than by providing something of value.  Schedule the handouts throughout the year keeping the people always anticipating your generous handouts. (stimulus checks)  Those people are the majority of your kingdom.  The minority of your kingdom are those in possession of extreme wealth without fear of losing it as long as you are King.  It’s from these few people that you as King maintain your own wealth.  Perfect!  The majority of the population do all of the work to maintain the kingdom and their reward is “free” handouts (stimulus checks) by the King.  The few rich people profit from the spoils and hard work of the poor, the few rich people share equally their profits with the King, and the King in return gives back to the hard working poor people a very small portion of what they earned (stimulus checks) at the beginning of this ridiculous cycle of tyranny! 

Joe, you’ve got your work cut out for you and I sure wouldn’t want to be in your White House.  Republicans want to take you out and soon, so will your very own Democrats.  China is threatening, Russia soon will be also, will another virus be set free in America?, the Middle East is ramping up for another full scale war, and finally, our southern border is being invaded by third world populations who hope to be provided a free existence by the American taxpayer.  Oh boy, does life in America get any better than this?!  I doubt I live long enough to see a complete overthrow of America but I am scared to death that your children, my children, and our grandchildren will.  Pay attention to everything and everyone from now and until 2024 and choose wisely.  Vote with your heart and your beliefs and not with anyone’s “Party”.  God Bless this country more than ever!  Please!

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