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PLM committee discusses potential changes in retirement policy, credit card provider

By Jim Allen
The Douglas County PLM committee met on March 3, 2021 at 9:00 with Chair Jim Mikeworth, Don Munson, and Dick Hein present.  Also present were Bobbie Rairden, County Treasurer,  Judi Pollock, County Clerk, and Kaycie Sanders Dial A Ride Administrator.

Rairden presented possible changes in the present retirement policy that were due to the CURE Act.  At this time, Nationwide Retirement offers county employees a voluntary self funded retirement package.  It is similar to a standard 401K except that at this time funds may only be withdrawn without penalty when the owner reaches 70 1/2 years.  The proposal is to allow the employees to withdraw $5000.00 upon birth or adoption of a child and also allow funds to be withdrawn at age 59 1/2.  There is no cost to the county if these changes are made, but due to the present language regarding the plan, it is considered wise to have the full board approve the change.  

Kacie Sanders was present to update the committee on funding for the Dial A Ride program.  Funds will be basically the same as last year.  Sanders also mentioned that there were openings for drivers for Dial A Ride and the position for a Secretary Dispatcher is open.  The Dispatcher position is full time (37.5 hours a week) with hours Monday through Friday from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm with an hour lunch paid.  Applications can be found at the Dial-A-Ride garage located on East Dewitt Avenue behind the Sara Bush Campus 11021 E CR 800 N Charleston.  

Judi Pollock propose a change in the present credit card provider currently serving the county.

The current provider, WEX, charges a monthly fee of up to $25.00 per card.  There have been problems with the provider not supplying information in a timely manner and at one time when asked for a correct balance of the account, said that it was not possible.  Some departments do not use their cards often enough to justify the WEX charges and Pollock asked for direction on finding a new provider.  Pollock has contacted First Neighbor Bank in regards to this matter.  The committee directed Pollock to work with the States Attorney and the Treasurer to develop policy for the new cards.  The change will save the county approximately $600.00 in fees each year.

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