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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
We have a new President…and it’s going to be okay.  It’s time for the extreme conspiracy theorists to push their chairs back and away from their computer screens and take a breath.  If you’re one of the seventy-million people who voted for Donald Trump, the most resourceful work you could be doing right now is pledging your allegiance to calm. Don’t be one of the same people you’ve criticized for the past four years.  Just waiting for the next news flash reporting on the last minute action by President Biden just so you can be critical and resentful makes you no better than those who stampeded on every word spoken by President Trump.  That wasn’t who you were before Donald Trump and it shouldn’t be you now.  Now the Republican party should be regrouping, strategizing, and doing whatever we can to heal America.  The next twenty-four months will come and go quickly.  There is no time to waste.  There is much work to be done in order to gain seats in both The House and The Senate.  I said this before and I believe it; control the Senate and you control the weather of the politics in Washington DC.  And if you want the sun to shine in your world everyday, control both The Senate and The House.  That’s the goal for 2022 not whining and bellyaching about every President Biden’s “Come on Man!”

The Senate majority is the strongman in the room.  Own him/her and you’re safe to move about DC head held high because you own the key to the Capitol.  So please stop spreading the false words you heard from Barney Beer Bottle at your local pub and Dorothy Doomsday while waiting in line to pick your children up at school.  Your children certainly don’t need to hear their parents coming unhinged!  None of any of the fearmongering came to pass on Inauguration Day in DC.  Riots were predicted at every Capital of every state.  Didn’t happen.  Twenty-five thousand National Guard troops were rushed to DC to stop tens of thousands of Trump supporters that were by all intelligence reports, going to disrupt the swearing in of President Biden.  Didn’t happen.  Communications would be interrupted and the internet taken off line in many parts of the country.  Didn’t happen.  And the best of them all; President Trump would refuse to leave the White House and would need to be removed.  But wait; it was going to be difficult because masses of armed Trump supporters would surround the White House causing a firefight between government troops and civilian anarchists.  Didn’t happen!  My god are you reading this!? This was the word blowing up the internet for weeks!  (Well, depending on where you surf the web anyway)

I know, I know, it’s tough to ignore the obvious walk backs coming from the new administration in just 48 hours in power.  Come on, if you’ve been paying attention this was an obvious “have too” corner the newbies painted themselves.  Never could they deliver what they promised.  The only study and planning done prior to the election was to pick a number greater than Trump’s highest achievement and a number lower than Trump’s worst achievement.  E.g., if Trump distributed one hundred million vaccines in a month, Biden would deliver a hundred and fifty million vaccines in the same time.  If Trumps’ current unemployment percentage rate was 7% Biden’s would be 4% and so on and so on.  Of course the new administration knew this wasn’t possible but it doesn’t matter when you hope to be elected to something.  All of this sours the soul on the politics currently in America for sure.  So, for now, what’s done is done.

Right now Republicans need to do what we do best.  Dry our tears, say goodbye to our egos, and play nice in the sandbox with our Democratic friends and foes alike.  We’ll share our bucket and shovel, toy trucks, sand sifter, and we’ll take the side of the sandbox the neighborhood cat used as a restroom.  Because that’s what we do when we lose.  We play nice and live to fight another day.  That “another day” will be in about sixteen months or so when the 2022 elections are burning on high heat. This is how you win elections.  This is how Donald Trump won in 2016.  So why did he lose then in 2020?  Donald Trump lost his own election all by himself.  I would sit and just cringe and scream in my head; WTH! are you doing as his way too many tweets were read to us on FOX NEWS and all those lesser watched news media outlets.  Why in the world didn’t Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others ban him from posting two years ago?!  Had they done it then instead of now he would have been reelected!  Donald Trump is at his best when he just does something he wants to do and doesn’t say a word about it, before or after!

Can Donald Trump be reelected in four years?  Considering one; the political disparity of the American people today and two; the ever changing world disorder threatening our very existence, no one can predict or by any study, analyzation, or percentage of any given facts conclude the question yes or no.  The answer is; maybe.  And only “maybe” should Donald Trump even want to run again. I think why in the world would he even want too?!  His family was attacked with lies, ridicule, and blame for everything bad for five years.  Not four but five years.  It will take generations I predict for Americans to put these five years behind them.  I’m sure just before I die I will still be reading; “Donald Trump and family are ruining the world again” stories in the media.

If, now this is just an “if”, don’t hate on me for this because I’m not of the same mind of Donald Trump but, if I was Donald Trump today this is what I’d do starting just after the impeachment proceedings.  Now that I’m a civilian I’d start civil suit proceedings against those who were viciously and without merit slandering my family or me now that we are all just American citizens and out of the political arena.  I’m Donald Trump and I have the money to spend to make your life financially miserable if you don’t shut up.  I don’t have to win, I only need to financially ruin you.  “You can’t sue!”  Sure I can.  I can get you into court even if I have questionable cause.  It’s all about the money.  I have it, you might not.  Next, without saying for sure I’d lead everyone to believe I was considering running for president even if I already decided I wouldn’t.  I’d work and spend a lot of money to ruin those republicans that were turncoats during my last days in office.  (Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney (who has presidential aspirations), Pat Toomey, “Jelly spine Susan Collins (who I really like as a person but she wavers like a one legged man standing on a ball), and Ben Sasse to name just a few of the obvious.  Finally, I would be seen everywhere but say nothing!  The only time I would be heard was when I released a written statement and I’d be unavailable for questions.  I guarantee everyone I’d be sucking up more of the limelight than Joe “Come on man” Biden and anything he was doing!  I’d travel the world and be seen with everyone important that would share my company.

“Anything else Mr. Trump?”  Yes.  I’d send everyone of my family members except Melania and my youngest son out into the world to do the very same things I’m doing myself.  I’d have the fake news so busy chasing us around they would have no time for President Biden and all of his administration’s failures.  Which they won’t report anyway so they might as well be chasing me all over the world, right!?  It’s going to be a wild next four years.  And at the end of the last day of the four years?  Maybe I’ll just play a round of golf at my Mar-a-Lago Club and later that night watch the presidential election results I didn’t participate in.  I hope all the money I spent on Rep. Jim Jordan paid off and he won the 2024 presidential election.  Again, all of this was only if I was Donald Trump… which I’m not!

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