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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
My Democratic friends and foes, I can’t and I won’t defend what happened last Wednesday.  I had grown tired weeks ago of all the cries and demands by the President and angry Republicans to somehow overturn the Presidential election.  If you read this column you will remember weeks ago I predicted that nothing was going to come from any investigation or recount in any of the states to change the numbers significantly enough to change the outcome.  I have a “Parler” social media account.  I dared to write an opinion about the investigations and recounts.  Just as I did here I also layed out my thoughts and opinions for all that follow Mark Levin to read.  Mark Levin is brilliant and let’s be clear, he never said he thought this madness had a chance.  He did continue to tell his followers that the election was stolen from President Trump.  However, did I ever open myself up for ridicule!  I was honest.  I told everyone reading my tag that even though I felt cheating had occurred that there would never be enough evidence to convince any court that those numbers in question would change the outcome of the election.  I had some Parler Republican faithful wanting my head for not believing in President Trump and his attorney, Rudy Giuliani in their efforts to flip the race.

I had just one glimmer of hope and that was with the Pennsylvania count.  It seemed so blatantly obvious to the country that when by some strange never explained reason the counting stopped on election night.  For all night!  When the counting stopped President Trump was ahead by six or seven hundred thousand votes.  When the counting resumed Joe Biden caught up and even passed the President by another three or four hundred thousand votes!  I’m sorry but even Barack Obama wouldn’t believe this!  I believed there just might be  a path, and easy path, through the legal system that this phenomena would be discovered as a cheat event.  Nope.  Every avenue President Trump’s legal team attempted was blocked or stymied by not just one or two courts but by many courts at all levels.  When this failed I quickly knew in my own mind it was game over for the President.  Well, that and when Rudy Giuliani’s brown hair dye started running down both sides of his face on live air television!  The Arizona suspected cheat was on such a smaller scale and of insignificance that it didn’t rattle me much but,  the Pennsylvania debacle has me scared about how our elections are proceeding forward now.  Will the Republicans start the same shenanigans in the next election?  Maybe? 

It was no more than two weeks after the election I had conceded defeat even if the President and many Republicans had not.  For this thinking I was verbally beat down.  No big deal, it doesn’t hurt much!  I’ll even have won a $10 bet over this if the guy I bet with ever concedes and pays up!  I would have never believed that this obsession the President and his faithful had, actually still believing as late as last Wednesday, that somehow this election was going to flip and Donald Trump would again be concluded the winner!  My god what did Donald Trump think was going to happen when he called tens of thousands of his faithful to a rally just down the street from The Capitol?! The same day The House and Senate were going to confirm the delegate counts affirming Joe Biden the winner?!  No he didn’t say “Go storm The Capitol and tell them what you think!”  But he certainly intended for some of that crowd to go stand in protest outside the Capitol Building.  This was Donald Trump’s ego operating on overload!  In just three hours President Donald Trump trampled on his very own legacy of his entire four years as President of The United States.  I also believe any chance he had to win the Republican nomination for President in 2024 ended last Wednesday.  And you know…as things stand today I myself could not support him for a second term should he win the Republican nomination.  I don’t think he will even try, not now.  I’m not sure Melonia would stay with him if he did.  Probably Mr. Trump has a heck of a television and public speaking engagement future ahead of him but, I think being elected to anything is over.  I’ll give him the number of the guy that printed my bumper stickers that state, “Vote Hastings For Nothing”. 

Finally, I’ll ask why in the world don’t the Democratic leaders stop with their efforts to persuade invoking the 25th amendment to remove President Trump from office and if that doesn’t work Nancy Pelosi is running around with her flowered impeachment bonnet on again.  Neither will fly.  As of tonight the man has just eleven days left as President.  Don’t prod a sleeping giant.  Let this play out the last few days and let Donald Trump and his family fade away.  They will if you let them go peacefully.  The biggest loser in this deal is Vice President Mike Pence.  I feel awful for the hand he has been dealt.  I’m sure his political career is toast too.  If Democrats don’t let it go, my god what might happen next!?  Let it go Chuck and Nancy! You won!  Bask in your glory and give me my new electric car, fully insulated house with all new “Green New Deal” windows, $2000 checks a couple times a year, and all of my money back I just paid to send my son to college last week! Don’t forget AOC and The Squad promised that none of us will ever have to smell cow flatulence again either!  You better back them up on this promise they made to Americans as part of The Green New Deal. Oh yeah man, I’m ready for all my free s—!

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