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Villa Grove City Council hears options of TIF payout

The Villa Grove City Council met on December 28 for a very short Committee of the Whole, non-voting meeting, with all members of the council, plus Mayor Eversole Gunter, Administrator Athey and Public Works Director Arbuckle in attendance.  Athey acted as clerk in the absence of City Clerk Osborne.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m., and all rose for the pledge of allegiance.

After the pledge, the mayor then called for public comments, and finding none, moved to items on the agenda.

Mayor Eversole Gunter stated that she had no report, as did the rest of the council.

Administrator Athey then made her report.  She noted that the $136,000 payment to  Pheasant Pointe developer Roger Colmark was scheduled to be delivered, and that the city was nearing the end of their obligation to him.  She then noted that she was working on changes for 2021 as new laws came into being, and she then discussed making a charitable donation in the name of city employee Melinda Ritter to the VFW, receiving a unanimous consensus.  

Public Works Director Arbuckle then noted that bids for the Water plant Scrubber, old plant tear down, and McCoy subdivision waterline projects had been opened and submitted to IEPA for final sign off.  The winning bids were received from Schomburg & Schomburg, Ezell Excavating and Cross Construction, respectively.  

Alderman Garrett then requested a move to closed session to discuss personnel at 6:09 p.m., and the council emerging at 7:08 p.m., and finding no other business, Alderman Hooker moved to adjourn at that time.

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