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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Remember not so many months ago when George Floyd died during his arrest in Minneapolis. I believe that incident occurred in May of 2020. The same evening riots broke out all across the country in large Democrat controlled cities and states. These acts of violence expanded into more serious acts of looting, theft, criminal damage to property, etc. There were very few examples of peaceful protests. The intent of it all became clear from the outset. These people involved in these crimes of violence and thievery had an agenda just waiting for a spark to light the fuse. Unfortunately for the family of George Floyd, these criminals used him as that spark. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m a police officer and what happened that day during the Floyd arrest was wrong! Watching that arrest there certainly was no reason that I could see as to why he was treated and handled the way he was. So to get even with the entire justice system in Minneapolis thousands of people took to the streets and burned the town down. But not after stealing everything they could get their hands on!

But it wasn’t contained to just Minneapolis! Thousands of other criminals in their home cities and states used the Floyd incident to steal and burn their own businesses to the ground. None of the people that owned or worked at these forever lost businesses had a thing to do with George Floyd or any other “example” of police brutality! The leftist news media wasted no time blaming the Trump Administration for all of the wrong doing. Every day and night it was the same statements made by the same clown reporters at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. of had it not been for Donald Trump none of this rioting, looting, burning, etc., would be happening. They were giddy with glee that people were losing their livelihood and it was Trump they could blame. Oh yeah, life was good for these repeaters. I’ll call them nothing but repeaters because they only write and state on air what they are told and allowed to say and write by the owners of their companies. Real reporters have minds of their own and actually report the facts. These inept repeaters have no integrity. They just take the money and run.

All summer long we were told by these same repeaters that once President Trump was voted out of office that these crimes would stop. Joe Biden would make everyone so happy and relaxed that all of the violence would stop. Wrong! Nothing has changed since the election. Sure, Donald Trump is still in office for a few more days but he is for sure on his way out. (For now anyway) Have all of you seen the newest numbers of shootings in our major cities?! They are on the rise every week! Nothing has changed one bit. Maybe it’s getting worse because “Come on man!, Joe puts the fear in no one but the women whose shoulders he puts his hands on. Are all of you paying attention to the morning news in Champaign?! A favorite destination point for most of us since we were young. Not any more for me. Only during the light of day for me! The shootings are occurring too close to home! I’m afraid these serious acts of violence are going to get worse without Donald Trump at the helm. The Biden Administration talks about nothing but the southern border invasion. Yep, going to allow that to go on again. This will only further increase crimes in the cities of our border states. Someone please tell why our own government isn’t trying to get control of the violence on our own homeland?

And all of those politicians calling for defunding police and reducing the numbers of police in our cities across the country, how’s that working out for ya!? Dramatic increases in crimes across the board. Enough so that mayors and councils in those cities are walking back their statements now. When this election season started Democrats appeared to be united in their thoughts and must do’s once they voted Trump out of office. All of that changed the first day after the election. The extreme left wasted no time disagreeing with and making demands of their newest most elderly leader, Joe Biden. The infighting in the Democratic Party has just begun. There is a movement to overrun President Elect Joe Biden and the sooner the better is the thought. Personally, I hope o’l Joe can make it the four years. If he doesn’t I fear the worst in this country. I really do.  

Americans were promised fields of flowers and rivers of honey if only Joe Biden could be elected President. Well he was elected and all I’ve seen so far are weeds as far as the eye can see and rivers of sanitary sewer dumps. What we will learn is that all of what’s going wrong in America wasn’t Donald Trump’s doing after all. Donald Trump was being used as the scapegoat to steal, burn, cheat, lie, riot, and dump on your neighbor all in the name of being a good leftist Democrat. I feel for those good and honest Democrats that have been labeled because although they are of the same party they are not of the same ideals. I want to be proven wrong Joe! Do as you promised, unite the country and pull back the rioters, looters, and arsonists! Please do it!

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