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Hook, Line and Sinker

By Tony Hooker
The more you give, the more you get.

The more you laugh, the less you fret.

The more you do unselfishly,

the more you live abundantly.

The more of everything you share,

the more you’ll always have to spare.

The more you love, the more you’ll find

that life is good and friends are kind.

For only what we give away,

enriches us from day to day.—-Helen Steiner Rice

They’re everywhere.  They walk amongst us.  All of these do goodie do gooders, doing good. If you look around, you can see them or at the very least see their work.

Over here we have Makayla Fonner, making Fleece Tie Blankets for women who have been stricken by breast cancer, women she may not have ever met.  She just wants to offer them a small token of love, when they’re battling.

Go to Rick’s Country Market, and you’ll see a gray tub, situated near the front door.  It’s purpose?  To collect supplies and pet food for the Douglas County animal shelter.  The force behind this annual drive?  None other than Megan Happ, whose beauty salon has been smacked down a bit by the pandemic.  She didn’t let it keep her down, though.  She got back on her feet, has kept fighting and has still found time to support a cause that’s near and dear to her heart.  

Also, at Ricks are the last few Christmas trees from the Main Street Plaza, waiting to be purchased, all in support of the Christmas Tree Lighting festival.  From 50 beautiful trees down to 4 or 5, all thanks to the semi-herculean efforts of alderman Derek Johnson, who arranged for the tree to be purchased, arranged for their delivery and then spent countless hours at the plaza helping buyers select the Fraser Fir that was perfect for them.  

This week’s front page has documented Jackie Wells and her team of elves, doing what they can to help families fight boredom and to celebrate the season.  The amount of work they put in each week is amazing.  

Amazing is another great way to describe the school’s annual “Fight Like a Blue Devil” campaign for awareness and the eradication of breast cancer here in the states.   Although severely handicapped by the loss of fall football, volleyball and dance, the crew, under the watchful guidance of Betsy Orwick, still managed to raise funds for the cause.  In a true 2020 twist, “fight like a blue devil” face masks were the item of choice for purchase.  

Just this once, I’m going to violate my promise to not write about myself, just long enough to mention that I too have an annual fundraiser I put together to benefit the Mill’s Breast cancer center, some years ago.  Anyone interested can go to and make a contribution.  100 percent of the funds raised will go to Mills, in honor of my childhood friend DeDe Eversole, who lost her long battle with Breast cancer some time back.  

At any rate, if none of these options appeal to you, might I suggest  finding one that does.   There are myriad causes out there that need your support.  Find one and offer support to it, and just as Ms. Rice suggested, you’ll be rewarded.

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