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By Craig Hastings
I probably carried on a bit too long last week so I’ll scale back tonight. Some of you watching Fox News and Newsmax this past week have told me you’re finally seeing some voter fraud evidence. Some of you have asked me if I’ve changed my mind about Joe Biden’s January 20 inauguration. Well, I’ve been watching and listening constantly myself all week but I still don’t believe the Justices of the Supreme Court of The United States will be so emboldened, by a majority, to choose the 46th President of The United States. I believe there will be election reform from this past election forward but, the tallies will stand and Joe Biden will be our next president. Actually there will be very little election reform because if the rules in place were adhered to there wouldn’t need to be. Fair collection of ballots, fair observation by representatives of all parties of the counting, everyone needed stays until all ballots are counted, no ballots are allowed to be presented the next day, signature matching a must, never again mass mailing of ballots to people who didn’t request a ballot, and..prosecute everyone caught cheating!  

If you’ve seen the security video captured in Georgia at the State Farm Center surely you have some questions even if you’re a Democrat. For this election board to certify the results of this county without investigation by Georgia and Federal law enforcement is outrageous. There very well be some simple explanation for what we all saw but, if so let’s hear it! Even if not criminal, certainly proper election procedures were not followed. Republicans and independent observers were asked to leave the building but a handful of Democrats stayed and not only continued to count ballots but, drug four containers of ballots out from underneath a table the rest of the room didn’t know were there. It appears this table was set in place to do nothing but “hide” these ballots! The instructions to the people in the room were that everyone should leave now because counting was stopping until morning due to a water main that broke..that didn’t. About six people didn’t leave as instructed, all Democrats, and continued the counting of ballots already on the tables. It appears to me that the people who then went under the mysterious table to drag out four containers of ballots did so without directions; as though they knew the plan! With all of the accusations and lawsuits over voter fraud made by Republicans why on earth wouldn’t someone immediately explain this video away?! This stuff going on is nuts!

Let’s move on to Nevada. “Come on Craig, dead people voted, out of state residents voted, thousands may have voted twice, and gifts were given to people in order to get them to vote! Do you still think Biden is the legit winner?!” I never did say to anyone that I think this election was a legitimate win for Biden. What I stand by is that there will not be enough votes proven fraudulent to change the outcome of the election. I do think there are enough fraudulent votes collected in numerous states to change the outcome but, it won’t be proven. There isn’t enough time for the Trump team to reserve enough court time before January 20. I said this a month ago right after the election and as much as I dislike who might serve as President Pro Tem, this would be my fair fix to this mayhem. In all of the states where serious challenges have been alleged, let’s redo the voting. Democrats, pick any states you might have doubts and let’s do them too. Unfortunately; this might cause The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to serve as President Pro Tem until the revote is complete.  

Absolutely this might cause a national security threat to America with no real leader of the free world at the helm. Because this is an unprecedented and complex situation, solutions to questions would need to be resolved on the fly and fair to both parties. With that being said, here’s some more of my temporary solution from someone who doesn’t know s— about any of this! I think it would be in the best interest of the country if Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris stayed briefed at the same level as The Speaker of The House day to day, minute to minute. Of course The Speaker could pick their own number two. That number two could even be Biden or Harris. I’m shoot’n from the hip here. I know this would be much more complicated than I could ever know and there might be court challenges weekly but, what’s going on now needs a fix for the future.  

A little humor. Think about this scenario. As long as our national security remained “as is”, and no new threats occurred in the interim of a Pelosi presidency, how entertaining would this be? Can you only imagine Trump being ordered around by Pelosi?! Pelosi moving Trump’s favorite desk out of The Oval Office and having Biden’ s moved in or, maybe one of her own! Pelosi, Trump, and Biden every single morning having to sit in the same room to be briefed on national security issues. It would only be fitting for the three of them to ride in the same SUV right? I wonder who would get the third row seat? Draw straws Biden or Trump? What about any trips on Air Force One? Who gets to call the food menu for the trip, Pelosi probably? This could prove to be the wildest time in American history for sure. More than one movie would be made. By the time the redo election was counted Trump, like Biden already, would be talking to himself and wondering what day of the week it was. It could be that both Trump and Biden would be declared unfit by both of their respective parties leaving Pence and Harriss to battle it out! I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m ready to move on beyond all of these people and start over with fresh faces and fresh ideas. I only say this because this election has made a mockery of America and the values of the American people. This not being an option, how about this; let America promote President Trump’s policies on trade and military engagements but let’s have President Biden delivering those policies to the American people without all the drama and hoopla in a much more “presidential” presentation? Neither one of these guys supports The Green New Deal so gas and oil will remain along with further development in electric vehicles. Moving mostly or to all electric in the automobile industry is happening now without anyone’s green anything. So everyone calm down, the planet’s gonna be fine, at least until Elon Musk gets his city on Mars set up!

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