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Tuscola Library moves to curbside only service

With the start of Tier 3 COVID mitigations being put into place, the Tuscola Public Library will be going to curbside only service starting Friday, November 20 (operating under normal hours). Patrons may use curbside service to recieve books, movies, audiobooks, ect, or we can make copies, scans, and faxes as well. If printing is needed, pages can be sent to the library email for us to print out and curbside to you. Wifi access should reach into the parking lot. Call the library 217-253-3812 if you have questions about any other service that we might be able to provide by curbside. 

At the moment, we are still receiving delivery (we will update you on delivery changes), and patrons may use the online catalog or call the library to place requests for items from our library or other libraries in our system. 

Curbside Pickup
* Patrons will call the library or place requests online (

* Patrons will wait for notifications that items are ready for pickup (phone/text/email).

* Patrons will call either when they arrive at the library or immediately before they leave to come to the library with their barcode from their library card. They will inform staff of the make/model of the vehicle. 

* Staff will inform patrons to keep their windows rolled up and remain in their vehicle until the staff has placed the requested items on the designated pickup bench and returned inside in order to minimize exposure. 

* If patrons are on foot, bicycle, or motorcycle, staff will walk their items halfway down the sidewalks and leave them where the patron can see them. Patrons will wait for staff to go back into the building, then approach to gather their items. 

*  If there is inclement weather (storms, heavy rain), we will suspend curbside service for that period or time of day, as needed.

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