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By Craig Hastings
Are Americans confident that on January 20, 2021 they will witness the transition of the 45th President to the 46th President?  I think I can confidently say that the smooth transitions we are accustomed to when the outgoing President moves out and the incoming President moves in is not going to take place this time whenever that date might be. “Well of course on the 20th Biden will be sworn in Craig, Trump knows he has to go regardless of the rhetoric he’s tweeting right now!”  I would say to you, have you not learned anything from these last four years of this presidency?  The what should, used too, has too, traditional has, etc., all but disappeared under the Donald Trump administration.  This is a guy that “My way or the highway” could have been penned.  A year ago Democrats were baiting MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, to ask the question; “Will Donald Trump have to be forced to leave The White House should he lose the 2020 election?” Back then I was chuckling at such a notion.  Well of course President Trump will concede and move out and move on should he lose the election.  The notion that any President would barricade himself in The Oval Office and refuse to leave was ludicrous.

Then, a couple of months after the Democrats started this “what if” President Trump countered and baited these same news organizations to consider a conspiracy by the Democrats to cheat to win the 2020 election.  And again I chuckled at the thought that somehow the Democrats or the Republicans either one could find a way to “cheat” on such a grand scale that the voting for The President of The United States could be altered enough to tip the scale.  I gave the scheme some thought.  I believed back then that even if one side could alter the final count that they would have to make sure it was such a large split of the vote that a challenge would be out of reasonable question.  Right?  Because of course if the vote tally was close the party with less candy in their bag would cry foul, cheater, thief, or worse wouldn’t they?  I went to sleep each night confident that there was nothing to worry about here.  “Come on man,” as Biden would say, no one could be so stupid to concoct such a plan without building in big numbers so to convince average American voters that even if there was some fraud it wouldn’t amount to enough votes to change the election.

Well boys and girls, there certainly was a group of idiots that botched this scheme not just in the numbers themselves but also the how, when, and where the fraud played out!  Jim Comey, John Brennan with a little Andrew MaCabe thrown in couldn’t have done worse!  Let’s count the ways.  First, Pennsylvania was picked as one of the “fixer” states?  One of the most well known states for voter fraud that favors Democrats.  Really!  Then, not only was Pennsylvania the chosen one for the “numbers needed” state but my god two weeks later the votes are still coming in and being counted!!  Tens of thousands of late votes all for Biden and zero votes for Trump!  Like this isn’t obvious!

The next target was the state of Georgia.  There are only two Senate seats available and this year both are up for election.  Georgia is the only state that requires a candidate to acquire 50 percent of the popular vote to win or a January run off vote will take place.  Well this is what has happened in both Senate seat races.  Where’s the fix?  Here you go; anyone can move to Georgia between now and January and register to vote in this election!  What?!  Yep.  How crazy mixed up is this?  There are plenty of Democrat donors with enough disposable money to bus and establish temporary residency for as many people needed to move the scale in these two elections.  Will they?  Only time will tell and even though Georgia will know how many new voters registered in the next two months it won’t matter because it will have been legal.  The Republicans need at least one of these seats to hold the majority in the Senate.  This is a do or die for all Republicans.  I say again; if I can only own one of the three branches of government those being The Presidency, The Senate, or The House of Representatives, I’ll take The Senate.

Finally, what had been traditionally stronghold states for the Democrats, Michigan and Wisconsin had appeared to glow red in recent months.  Again, in these two battleground states the night was securely Donald Trump right up until the last counted mail in votes appeared from only where Shumer and Pelosi knew where.  Again, by the thousands of counts, all Biden votes and zero votes for Trump.  What?!  Corruption gone lazy I think. Finally, it appears Nevada and Arizona may have been compromised on a smaller scale also.  However, today the biggest bomb dropped on everyone.  This could prove to be an advantage to either of the candidates.  The voting machines used in all of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin have been discovered to be unreliable and vulnerable to hacking.  The Canadian manufacturer, Dominion Voting Systems, sold these machines to most states looking for a quick fix to counter Russian hacking.

Look, I don’t believe the outcome of this election will change but, I do want to know who and where voter fraud may have taken place and I want those people punished.  There will never be peace between the parties if all of us don’t believe fair elections can take place every four years.  This has to be discovered and stopped and both parties need to get involved to investigate any allegations of voter fraud. There has to be oversight by both parties election night and the rules have to be the same for all fifty states.  Lastly, I believe Donald Trump will leave office on the 20th of January if the courts rule in Joe Biden’s favor as to the final vote count.  He will still be complaining, threatening, tweeting, and angry as hell but, Donald Trump will transition just as the law requires at the end of the day or in this case, at noon on the 20th.  What was that I just heard?  Someone on Newsmax TVjust reported he heard someone in the Trump camp mention 2024!  What’s that all about?! For all the facts on everything and everyone conservative thinking tune in to Newsmax TV.

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